OC bios settings for abit Kt7A-raid & 1.2g t-bird?

I bought an unlocked "b" 1.2g t-bird and now want to change the soft menu3 to set for overclocking. Where do I start?

I'm assumeing I set it to "user define" but what should the multiplers and other settings be? Do I mess w/ the voltage also?

Thanks- I want to get this thing smokin' NOT smoke it!
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  1. Nice!
    I only have a kt7/duron 600(100 fsb) w/133 cas3 memory (oc@ 1008/112fsb/149mem)

    Make sure you got best cooler w/ silver paste.
    Start at default. and install drivers and via hw monitor(temp checker).
    I would set core voltage to 1.85 (no higher w/out water cooler) and my i/o voltage is at 3.4.

    Your need to know your cpu fsb(core) speed and memory mhz.
    Find out what speed it is and how high it will oc.
    I hear you 1.2 should go to 1.4mhz.
    My micron 133 7.5 cas 3 go's to 149.
    Cas 2-2-2 133 should do better.
    I'll assume your 1.2 has a 133 fsb and your mem is good 133.
    If you have new DDR mem let me know (it should start at 200 and 266).

    If these settings dont work just reboot 4 times and change.
    I would set the dram clk at btm to hclk+pciclk.
    Set cpu fsb/pci clk to 105/35 to start.
    Set cpu fsb plus to 29 (if you have 133fsb).
    Your mem is now 140(105+35) and fsb is 134(105+29). (they should handle that easily)
    Set you multiplier to x9 to start (134*9=1206mhz).
    Raise the cpu fsb/pci clk and save/exit until your system asks for boot disk then reboot w/del (4 times?) until you get back to cmos and go back one setting.

    If your at 112/47 add the 112+29=141fsb*9=1269mhz.
    You can raise the multiplier and adj. the cpu fsb plus until you reach a stable speed (1400?) that dosen't get your cpu to hot (under 45 deg. c. max).
    Maybe plus 28 and x10(112+28=140fsb*10=1400)?
    Let me know if it works.
  2. I have a Global Win Fop38 and an Abit KT7A raid, cooling is great so far. (42-44C viahm & 34.4C Sandra) 34C system temp. Like I said, do I have a freak chip?

    I have it running stable at 1.4G with setting the FSB to 133 and x10.5 multiplier. (I don't understand the FSB plus setting, different than FSB above it?) I left the voltage at default. It seems like cake for this processor to handle the heat (only increasing 2C with the pump-up).

    Should I go higher, since heat isn't a prob yet? Do I then go to x11 &133FSB- or will I see maore benefit with decreasing the FSB and increasing the multiplier? Whatever I do I don't want to nuke the other components. Can setting the FSB higher than 133 push the others too hard? I have a Hercules prophet DDR Geforce (not a geforce2) and I seem to do good with a 9364 3Dmark score. (I may have the highest non-Geforce 2 score) Also, is there a corelation between OC the vid card and the CPU/ MB?

    I can return the chip and board for 6 more days, since the L1's were closed it won't show that I tampered. (Although if I brought the charcoal lump of a processor back in a zip-lock they might not refund me, huh?)
  3. Nice cooler.
    42-44c cpu is a little hot but probably not for a 1.2ghz. My sys hit 44c once after a final reality bench.
    Is this normal temp or after a stress test?
    Make sure your sys has good in & out vents w/fans. Leave your cover off if it helps. Mine has 15 fans, 5 vents, & I still leave it open.
    Your cpu shouldn't fry w/ that cooler if you keep the volts under 1.85 and you have good ventilation.
    Increasing your volts to 1.85 will raise your cpu temp more but will allow you to keep stable at higher clocks.

    1.4 is excellint but 133fsb is stock.
    If your dram clk is set to hclk your mem is also at stock 133.
    Read the brand and part# on your mem. Check their website to find out if it's cas 2 or 3(or 2-2-2).
    I have the slow 133 cas3 but it's micron and it oc'd to 149.
    If it's not a high quality brand you won't get that high.
    Set it to hclk+pciclk, lower your fsb/pciclk to 112/37 your fsb will be 112 and your mem will be 149.
    Now is where you use fsb plus. Set it to 23 and your fsb will be 145! This is how you get different fsb/mem clks.
    You may need to lower these to keep stable. Start w/mem, then fsb then stay under 1400.
    Set your multi to x9.5 (145x9.5=1383mhz).
    You can play w/ this until you get your best bench marks(final reality).
    By increasing my fsb & mem clks I got a big bump in perf.
    There's a LOT more bumps througout cmos. Read your manual.

    Sorry to hear you spent the $ on a 1.2 instead of a faster video card. It's more important & cpu's get cheaper sooner.
    My oc'd Giga GF2 GTS w/DDR is Smokin' Fast! OC'n video is independant.
    Your 1.4 gives your video bench marks the higher scores.

    AMD OC'rs Kick Ass!! ;]
  4. Yeah too bad I "blew" $320 + .06 tax on a DDR geforce 1 year ago. I have a hard time getting rid of a $300+ card to get a $400 (ultra) now. That is why I went with the faster processor instead.

    44C is after running tests at 1.4g. I have ONE exaust card next to my graphics card and of course the FOP (and PSupply fan which doesn't count). So I'd say less 14 fans, mine is kicking ass cooling if yours gets as hot!

    All I know about my mem is they say it is CAS2- (isn't there a BM?) and it says 7.5ns on it.

    With the FSB increase you suggest, is it a risk to my vid card? (AGP only takes 66 right?)

    Please read my post under OC/ cpu's I am having an issue of the bios turning to a blue line and invalid sys disk when I modify the clock like you say.
  5. Yeah, I hate seeing my parts depreciate.
    Your gts is still good. Wait until gf2 pros or ultras get cheaper($200).
    I know 15 fans sounds crazy. I counted all the fans in my sys and I have 2 3fan HD coolers.
    You need at least a lower faceplate inlet fan and make sure your ps fan is blowing out. DON'T oc w/out fans!!
    Once you get your sys max'd it'll get hotter.
    Here's my secret site where I found my MB combo.
    Read the article and you'll be an oc'n pro.
    Link to oc shop and check out their memory.
    Your mem is the same speed as mine. It's cas3 at 133mhz, it's cas2 only at 100. Is it a hi quality brand?(micron,infin,...)
    The invalid disk means the settings I gave you were too hi. You need to reset approx 4x to be able to get back to cmos.
    Did you set volts to 1.85? Is your 1.2 a 133 or 100fsb.
    My 600 is 100 & will go to 112.
    If your 1.2 is 100fsb try this: h+pci, 105/35, +5, x12.5.
    This gives you dram=140, fsb=110, cpu=1375.
    If it's 133 try this: dram clk=hclk, 140/35, +0, x10.
    This gives you dram=140, fsb=140, cpu=1400.
    These are lower #'s so you should be able to go higher if you mem is good, but you will see a bump in bench marks.
    Your cpu fsb is already way above 66. It must be independant.
    Study your Abit bible. ;)
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