Need help with my pc specs and what to buy

Hey guys, im not new to gaming but my parents are recently divorced and my dads comp works perfectly fine for css and cod 4 but this comp completely blows ****. I would like to get it up to working condition without spending to much like the least amount possible. Currently my specs are like outdated and shitty as can be. Looking to up the gfx card jus to get a little smoother playing then more as i save up. Anyway here are my *** specs:

Dont laugh XD:

Intel(R) Core(TM) 2CPU 632 @ 1.86 GHz 1.87 GHz
2.00 GB RAM
32 bit operating system
GFX CARD - Gefroce8400s nvidia
I couldnt find out the motherboard cause it was unkown lool
Clocked at 1866 MHz
all i could really find maybe you guys can help, i think a lot wasnt programmed into the computer when it was made.
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  1. download and run cpuz

    it should tell you make of motherboard--ram type and speed

    these will help us help you
  2. here are my specs from cpuz:
    name: intel core2 duo e6329

    my mainboard/motherboard says this: MAnufactured: Asustec computer INC
    model: basswood2
    brand: phoenix technologies v 5.0 8
    memory: type: DDR2 size: 2048 MB
    Graphics core 405 MHz shaders 810 MHz memory 405 MHz

    all i got for now, anyway i have been cleared for a card under 70 around 65 . please help me out.
  3. to be brutally honest i would not bother, the cpu is to slow for gaming as most modern games need a 2.4ghz dual for minimum spec. so any gfx card you throw in will never really give you much in the way of performance....
    as money is tight i would look for second hand parts some pc shops do refurbished pc's for around 50 pounds and for that you will often get a 2.4 dual and everything else you need to run it... if you cant find 1 then look for a used dual core on ebay... you can pick em up for as little as £20-£30 and a low end gfx card for £50...
    i saw a gtx 260 the other day for 40 quid so there are good bargains to be had on the second hand market...
  4. First of all i dont know british money rate so didnt rely get the reference but my pc already runs css fine just a little choppy and unsmooth all i wanted was a little better speed and smoother gameplay thats what im looking for the price i dont expect to run high setyings or anything just want smooth gameplay
  5. Also forgot i think my processors dual core my friend said but idk
  6. i recommend the graphics card you read about it here
  7. Is this compatible with my comp and will it smooth out my gameplay
  8. That card is like 500 dollers? I just looked it up
  9. they are having a laugh

    that cards worth more than your whole pc

    best bet is probably a second hand card from ebay--some decent cards to be had relatively cheaply

    how much do you want to spend?
  10. Preferably around 60 my friend showed me the gt240 pr sumthing and said it was 9x better than my current one
  11. you might need to check your psu specs

    if you get too powerfull a card your psu might not run it
  12. ati 6670
  13. just for reference 100 pounds = about 150 dollars
    sp 50 pound= 75 bux and so on...
  14. Ok i see now but how do i check if the 240 will run on my comp i gave u all the info i got
  15. So does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy
  16. Frozenkiller said:
    So does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy

    might help if you take the side of the pc and read the specs of the psu--dont want to recomend a card if you

    only have a very low powered psu--does your psu have a 6 pin pci-e connector as well?

    broadly speaking in the range you are looking at amd/ati cards will be less power hungry
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