Windows 7 HP 64-bit OEM vs regular version

In a side by side comparison, what are the differences between the OEM version of W7 HP 64-bit and the regular version?

The OEM version of the OS is $100 while the regular is $200.

I'd like to save some money. But what are the disadvantages of the OEM?
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  1. The main disadvantage is that it is tied to the PC that you install it on. Unlike the retail version, you will not be able to move it to another PC should you wish to.
  2. And if it matters, Microsoft support is very limited on an OEM version. In other words if you run into problems during the install, or afterward, and plan on calling Microsoft to help you, they won't. But only being able to install it on 1 PC is a real problem for some, especially if you upgrade frequently. If you plan on keeping your current PC for several years and no major upgrades, like a motherboard or CPU, then OEM can be a good choice.
  3. Everytime you want to re-install the OEM Windows you will need to call MS support for permission.
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