GTA 4: low fps with HD7870

Hi so let me start off with my specs. BTW on gta4 it says i have 2gb of video memory(which i do) yet when i go above 1gb i get -20 fps. I have tried the vidmemory2.0 thing and it hasn't fixed anything.
oc'd Gigabyte AMD HD7870
650W PSU

I have the latest drivers for my card. Right now im running GTA 4 on almost the same settings at my OLD gtx 285 and i get the same fps... Other games like Skyrim run at 70+ fps on recommended ultra settings. Bulletstorm has no lag whatsoever and L4D2 stays at 120 fps 24/7. So it appears gta4 is the problem.

If you need any more information let me know. I just got my card yesterday btw.

ALSO why does CPU-Z say -2048 memory for my card?
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    because 2048 Mb corresponds to 2gb

    as far as your fps, make sure that your card recognizes the application correctly and is not in sleep mode (low power/low load/etc)

    And beyond that, were you getting better fps in GTA4 with 285? I think not, simply because the game is just poor console port that was not optimised for PC hardware.

    Make sure your game is patched to latest version and scour the web for any performance tweaks, guides and know-hows. Beyond that I'd say your card is working fine judging by your other games, so it's just a GTA4 being a crap software.
  2. Yes i know that its 2gb but it says -2048 not 2048(others have same problem though so i think its fine). Thanks my pc was in a low power mode and now its at gaming mode and working alot better. average 50 fps on high settings thank you :D
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