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I followed the installation guide given to marghurita earlier, and appear to have successfully installed Quicken 2004. However it wants me to enter the product key, which apparently was printed on the box, which must have gone out years ago.

Is it possible to retrieve the key from the existing installation, or is there a way of bypassing the request?

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  1. - you have installed it with no key and now you want to retrieve the key?: you were probably using a trial and now you have to give the key(no key on the box? get a new box from the shop)

    -"or is there a way of bypassing the request?" => this is called hacking/cracking and is illegal, don't ask for that here!
  2. No, you've misunderstood - my existing version was properly installed (and paid for!) on my old computer. I am just trying to re-install it on my new machine. I don't have record of the key any more.
  3. Quicken 2004 is not supported on Windows 7. Upgrade to a newer version or try here
  4. Hi there i got the same problem i had an old computer with my quicken 2004 on it and i got an upgrade and i had to reload tried to install my quicken again and now its asking for an Key witch i have and have entered 100x times just does not let you use it and when u try and update online its all ways error 220
  5. If Quicken 2004 is still installed on your old computer you can see the key by going to: Help/License Information.
  6. Quote:
    Quicken 2004 is not supported on Windows 7. Upgrade to a newer version or try here

    Quicken 2004 wil work with windows 7 64 bit. I have it running on my machine. Have to set up in compatibility mode to install quicken.You have to jump through a few hoops but it will work. Go to quicken web site and follow instructions for work around using an imulation drive for printing.
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