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Share your Diablo 3 build whether it has been built already, or plans for a future build.

Ordering mine around May 1st (crossing fingers for Ivy Bridge and reduced prices on various parts)
budget: ~$1800-2000 (including shipping & tax)

tell me if my link works. I clicked box to make it public and copy pasted. Never tried before so let me know. Thanks
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  1. no it doesn't work, and you def don't need $2k build to play diablo 3
  2. way too much for a Diablo 3 build. I just spend about $600 and using some parts from my current desktop to run it.
  3. Well that depends what you mean as nice. I went with an i5 2400k with a evga gtx 480 mainly because I didn't feel the need to spend 1000 dollars to get performance I wouldn't see. But to each his own
  4. The difference between 2400 and 2500k is $30. and currently this is only $20 cheaper than the 448 core. so are you talking to me about $50 or $1000? I am confused man.
  5. Other thoughts: This thread was supposed to be about sharing. Not helping or criticizing builds. But okay....
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    Na I wasn't criticizing or being rude. BELIEVE ME I wish I could have the money to put into a build like you do. What I was saying is with what I got I should be able to easily max out D3 which is the only game in the foreseeable future that I plan on playing. That's what I meant when saying I wouldn't get to see the performance of a 2k build.

    I meant no disrespect at all. Sorry if it was taken that way.

    EDIT: Mind you that SSD you want is the same one I got today b/c it is $20 off instant. Good price for good SSD.
  7. Nah I meant criticize in a professional type way not a rude way. I ask people to criticize all the time. In the mean time this build will change at least its CPU and GPU because of the new ivy bridge and kepler. The 680 is the only thing out right now? I need to do more research on kepler.

    edit: newegg had a sale on the 128gb version for $130 total with a promo code. They sold out. I was going to buy this morning. Should have bought last night. :( Oh well, I will still save $50 and probably still be fine with the 64.
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  9. How does Seasonic PSU compare to say corsairs?

    also if you want to trim a little money go with
    for a monitor unless you have to have the 27".

    I have the 22" and i know someone that has the 24" and they work great.

    Or wait till a 27" goes on a big sale. I have seen some go for as low as $300
  10. I have to have a 27 Hanns G or Samsung
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