How do i get my razer naga to work with fallout new vegas?

The only buttons fallout recognizes in its key bindings section is the left and right click, and forward and back buttons. If i try and bind any of the 12 side buttons nothing happens. Ive tried swapping the switch on the bottom of the mouse from 123 to num and nothing happened.

Do i need to set it up outside of the game with razer software?
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  1. theres a switch on the bottom of it try fliping it, hopfully that will work. ive had no problems with any game with mine
  2. If that doesn't work, I know a trick I used to use before games recognized that many buttons.

    In the Razer software, bind keys you don't use (maybe on the numpad for example) to the mouse buttons. Then in game, bind the numpad key to what you want, then use the mouse button you bound the key to and you're set. Kinda a roundabout way, but it works.
  3. naga...naga...naga...not gonna work here anymore anyway
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