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baught the game yesterday and was trying to install it but its trying to install (origin) and after it installs it it pops up saying " could not connect" "a internet connections is required to up date origin) stayed on phone with tec from 3pm till 11:00 cleaning temp files turning off fire walls ect and its not fixed yet so as of now i got a 60.00 game i cant play . names cowboy and thanks for your time.
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  1. do not double post AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  2. holy *** i just made a long ass post solution for u but my Internet crashed

    listen scan ur pc for malware and registery errors with cccleaner, and security essentials *both free*

    go ms config > services disable SSDP and Upnp go to Router/modem do the same
    open all ports for bf3

    Make sure ur Time and Date is synchronized. or else u cant update anything bottom right of ur screen. check out this post

    and google origin ports open the first link with bf3 there u go add that .

    etc etc etc.

    good luck
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