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I was wondering, Do you have to have a little 4 port home rounter to share an IP address that goes out to the internet? Or could you just install the dsl modem in one pc, and lets say we have like 6 pcs total with windows 2k. Then enable Tcp/ip on all of them making up your IPs on the network. Then set the 5 other computers gateway as the IP of the pc with the dsl modem.(these are all connected with an 8 port switch) Would this be possible to do, or would the IP addresses i made up conflict with someone elses in the world. I thought the IPs you set on your network would be hidden from the rest of the world? I guess thats where the 4 port router comes in right? Please someone clear this up for me!!!
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  1. if you want to do it the way you're suggesting, it's called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and each of the client PC's would be set to obtain IP address automatically.

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  2. Yes that is what im talking about, but where would they obtain an IP at?I assume when you sign up for dsl, The ISP gives you one Ip, and i know 4 computers cant have the same ip. Unless the computer with the DSL modem gets the IP assigned from the ISPs DHCP server and then windows will act like the router and hide the ips i made up from the rest of the world and only used the IP i bought from the ISP to make the internet connection?

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  3. the purpose of internet connection sharing is to take internal ips (192.169.x.x) and translate them to a real address you get from your isp. doing it this way makes it difficult to host servers from the client pcs. i recomend getting some sort of gateway device, they can be had for less than 100 bucks. check them out, here is a start:

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