Help me pick a keyboard and mouse?

I need a nice new keyboard and mouse to support my new PC gaming hobby. I have a pretty sick system, but still rocking the same slim wireless keyboard and mouse I've been using for years. Let's just say it wasn't made for gaming.

I pretty much stick to BF3 and SC2 and the moment. Both are the focus when picking out a new keyboard. I'm willing to spend a good about of money on it, just want the best. I don't really like WOW, but maybe I might like another MMO later (Maybe Star Trek or Star Wars online), but the focus is FPS and RTS right now. If there is a better keyboard/mouse for FPS or RTS rather than MMO I'd rather get it.

I thought about getting the Corsair K60 keyboard, but I'd really like it more if it was backlit. The K90 looks good, but it's geared for MMOs, do you think that would take away from the FPS usability? Considering I don't have any MMOs on my list right now, would the ruberized red keys on the K60 make it THAT much better for FPS feel? Do you think the MMO hot keys on the K90 will help for Starcraft? I'd probably get the M60 mouse to go with it.

I don't have a lot of experience with different gaming keyboards so it's hard for me to know what I'm looking for. I just know Corsair is a brand I rely on for other computer parts and they seem like a quality brand, but by no means do I have to stay with them.

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  1. I have the R.A.T 5 gaming mouse and the Microsoft sidewinder x4 key board and I find them very nice also look at Steelseries they do very good ??Mice?? And keyboards and i would defiantly recommend a Steelseries mouse mat they great.
  2. I took a look at Steelseries keyboards, and they were a little gimmiky to me. The Merc series seemed like a good idea, but the rest all hot their specialty keys on the right side. And in my experience there isn't a chance I want to take my right hand off of my mouse or lose my feel of the left side orientation.

    The Steelseries mice also looked very bland too unless I wanted to get a WOW edition and I don't like WOW. I'm sure they perform well, but I'd rather get something more flashy and a few nice buttons on the side that would be useful for BF3 or SC2.

    I also took a look at Roccat. The middle grade keyboard looked like it might be cool, but nothing special about it really... Anyone know about the brand?
  3. dont know about the corsair keyboards but i have the m60 mouse and am very happy with it

    well built and quality feel to it

    had it a few months now and had no issues at all with it--glides well and tracks accurately

    i have large hands and use a fingertip grip but even if i used a palm grip it still feels comfortable

    so would certainly recommend it :D
  4. AntiZig said:
    the flashiest I could find, it burns my eyes

    lol... yah... Flashy, but ugly. I like red backlighting. I really like the Razr Tron keyboard, mouse, pad combo as far as it looks, but I've heard the keyboard sucks as far as gaming performance and I think I could be happy with some other looks if I can get a better quality set up.

    Honestly if the Corsair K90 had the swapable WASD keys like the K60 and the backlighting was red, that would be a done deal.
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