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In my nfs mw game i am not getting any videos played, not even the video of 2 cars being chased before reaching main menu.
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  1. is it a legal copy ? or did u download it , when downloading game or copying sometimes the video files are not there or corrupted.
  2. The video files may have been ripped off, to decrease size.
    Just buy the legal copy of the game, and the videos will be there as well.
  3. Its a legal one. Most of my friends use the same copy. The videos were working for me about 3 weeks ago but last week when i started the game it was in this condition
  4. What you mean to say is that you and your friends use the same copy of this game?
  5. yeah! I gave it 2 them. Even my brother is using the same one! this one need not be installed. Just Copy and pasting is enough. I removed the one i had once this error occurred and pasted another one from my brother's pc which was working in his pc. But in my pc it won't. I tried again after removing the save and backup files but the same continues.
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