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Hi guys

Have any of you experienced slow boot-up times with Windows 7.
For example it takes about 4 minutes for my pc to connect to the internet, e.g. little monitor in bottom right.
I have checked the event logs and the boot durating id 94967ms. Would this be considered slow for a i7 cpu with 6gb of RAM?
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  1. Yup thats slow, mine windows 7 64bit takes about half that time(2 mins max) with AMD 955be and just 4 GB of ram, Check for any device errors also check for driver updates.
  2. from the moment windows starts loading in boot and to the moment it is ready to go, it takes me 40 seconds top (excluding time for typing in password).

    Check your registery for start up programs. use msconfig to see the whole list of start up programs.

    start task manager as soon as w7 loads. See which program is eating up pc.
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