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Hello, im looking for the name of an old pc game i used to play i remember it was in like a space ship, i could build a community make a love center, a hospital it had portals and there was fairys, and aliens the aliens were mostly scientis and i would build everything and i could also press on the walking fairys or other humans and look at everything through their eyes and i remember other weird creatures would come in the portals and sometimes come in and were infected and it would infect my buldings and stuff so i would have to desenfect my stuff and weird creatures would go into the nature section and build rock structiors like a praying center. anyway i would love if someone would help me with the name of this game i loves this game so much and i lost it a long time ago
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  1. Hi Mandayn,

    Looks like you had a run-in with Startopia. It's a good game, I just might fire it up again now that you reminded me.
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