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Hi guys. Having a bit of a dilemma here. Im trying to get Silent Hill 3 to run in glorious high settings, but I'm having with trouble getting Catalyst Control Centre forcing said settings. You may have guessed I'm running an AMD GPU, and I swear before I made the switch from nvidia, things in this regard were a lot simpler. I'd just chose the settings, save the profile, and it would work. But since it was old and weak, I never could play it.

Now I have the power, but like I said, can't get CCC to force the settings. Here's what it looks like:

My guess is that now, whenever I launch the sh3.exe, all these settings should be forced. But they aren't. Any ideas? Thanks for your time guys.

tl;dr= Trying to get SH 2 and 3 to run in maxed out settings including Vsync and AA.
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  1. have you forced SH3 to run in high before? does it work ?
    it does not work with every game
  2. Yes, positive. Before I switched to an AMD GPU, I was able to force those settings through the nVidia control panel thingy. Though that card was really old so I'd lag like a Mexican. This guy also managed it;]

    I'm not sure whether it's the game that's not forcing the settings or CCC. Thanks guys, even reading the thread is hugely appreciated.
  3. Bumping
  4. Anyone?
  5. Anyone at all? Somene must know osmething...
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