Need help on BF3 Settings

Hi, you probably get this alot but i am wondering what settings i can play BF3 on using the folowng system:

GPU= Radeon HD 6850
CPU= AMD Phenom II 965
Resolution= 1680X1050

nothing is overclocked and i am hoping maybe medium settings, thanks in advance
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  1. yeah medium should be fine for you, your best bet is set the game to detect the settings automatically, it does the best job most of the time to getting you good frame rates with most eye candy
  2. I have almost the same specs and I play on high smoothly.
  3. you should be able to play on high with and get good frame rates i get 40fps on a 6670 at 720p @ medium settings
  4. Turn VSync on, and turn the video settings to AUTO. The auto setting is pretty decent with BF3. See what it gives you. I think it is grayed out, but you can see what the settings are.
  5. everything on high easily, i got a 6770, i3 2120, 4gig ram and i set it to auto and it puts everything to high expect for AA deferred is off but AA post is High, Ambient conclusion HBAO, Anisotropic filter 16x and Motion blur on.

    im running 1600x900 resolution though dont know if that is much different from 1680x1050.
  6. yes thank you so much i downloaded the game and i can play at high settings with FPS'S ranging from 40-60 while in game i am so glad i went for this 6850 than the gtx 550 ti
  7. My rig in my sig runs BF3 on High with some ultra. That CPU is good and the 6850 is sexy. The 6850 is easy to overclock with software such as MSI Afterburner or Saphire Trixx. That can give you even more FPS if you are able to OC.
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