Help me to find this game? I forgot the name of the game.

It is a strategy game which you create workers and build stuff for you.

You can also build army to defend your town..

Its quite a cartoonish game.. I heard it has a new release on 2010

I like that games because it is so preciously created.

you build a farm of crops and you can take those to the Mill.. then you can build a factory to create beer etc.

There are gold silver and bronze . you need to mine those and build a factory to create gold, silver or bronze bars.

then u have to take it to weapon factory to create spear , sword , or arrows....

Does anyone remember this game?

your town hall able to recall your works and transfer them to temporary soldiers too.

Help would be appreciated.

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  1. ehh seven kingdoms?
  2. I think I made beer in Stronghold Kingdoms?
  3. War of the Ring played a lot like that.
  4. One of the anno series perhaps?
  5. That could be any strategy game... Hmm. How old is game game?
    I don't know any strategy games where you can make beer though.
  6. really guys? Age of Empires! pretty sure it's that one, if not, and I'll be very surprized it isn't then try
    Cossacks series, Stronghold series

    although this gold silver and broze got me thinking on something else, where I even remeber what the UI looked like for it, but I cannot figure out which game that was, probably some RPG.
  7. I found it. It's called


    Thank you for all the help

    Very appreciated.
  8. ^ settlers? 2010?
    O.O what one?
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