Renderinfo.txt is blank skyrim wont work HELP!

I deleted the renderinfo.txt, and now when I reinstall skyrim it shows the text as EMPTY, it wont detect or put anything about my graphics card in the information. I have tried installing again, deleting the entire file that contains skyrim.ini, and skyrimpref.ini, and it still keeps showing 0kb on my renderinfo.txt. I tried updating my driver, I tried installing direct X. I have a hd 6850. Now skyrim will generate the proper files for skyrim.ini and skyrimpref.ini but it won't generate the renderinfo.txt. I can't play the game, it tries to load then says error and sometimes it loops the error over and over. Please help, or tell me what to do to fix this. Thank you so much
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  1. Did you delete the file permanently?
    Did you delete it for installing a mod or so?
  2. I deleted it permanently. It auto re-installs but is 0kb and won't recognize my graphics card. I can't play skyrim right now
  3. Why did you delete the file in the first place. For installing a mod?
  4. Yeah, each time I try to reinstall skyrim it makes a new one, but does not detect my graphic card, it shows 0kb under that file and the game won't load. Also, I have reinstalled my device drivers as well and it won't generate the file either.
  5. the loader creates the file you want so if your trying to run the skyrim exe rather than the loader and not running it as admin will cause this issue...
    also when you deleted then uninstallled skyrim did you clean the registry after...
  6. I got it working, thank you for your help. It turns out that I had to uninstall the AMD catalyst drivers, and use a different set of drivers, that were certified, not the ones found at the AMD website. I went to XFX and got a different version. Fixed the problem. Thank you!
  7. Nice to see you've got it working.
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