Do you think my PC can run MW3

Mw3 is a new game. I want to buy it but can i play it?

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B50 Processor
speed 3.2 GHz
RAM: 2.1 GB
ATI Radeon HD 5450
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  1. Hi :)

    Yes on low....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. You'd most likely be able to play the game on low-medium settings, at low resolutions.
    Since the game uses an old engine, it should work fairly well on low end rigs.
  3. Well have you played MW2 or Black ops? if so what graphics settings?

    The game engine that they use has been the same since I believe COD3 or maybe COD4. So if you can run MW2/Black Ops/COD5/COD4 then best guesses are you can run MW3.
  4. I am running an HD 6850 video card, and can play the game with the highest settings. I would think the game would run on medium settings since that's a fast AMD processor and over 2 GB of ram.
  5. cod 4 and mw3 both use the same tech 5 engine. waw, mw2 and black ops all use a different engine. but the end results are fairly similar....
    if you can run cod 4 then you can run me3 at pretty much the same settings.but mw2 black ops and wow will have to be set slightly lower...
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