Dragon Age 2 freezing in Dx 11 mode

The game freezes for about 1-10 seconds while playing in Directx 11 mode, it happens more often during conversations, alt-tabbing in and out of the game unfreezes the game. If I run in Directx 9 mode then the game runs smooth without any freezing.

My PC:

Intel i3 2100
4GB of ram
MSI HD6850 1GB

I have the 12.2 drivers installed.

I tried Bioware forums but the Dragon Age 2 section is pretty dead there.

Hopefully someone can give any insight on how to fix this.
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  1. hardware wise you shouldn't have any problems running the game unless you're asking some ridiculous settings of it. Make sure your drivers are up to date (and I mean all drivers here, not just video card)

    other than that either look for possible software conflicts or try reinstalling

    sorry I can't be of more help, but this is the first time I'm hearing of a game freezing and being able to unfreeze via alt-tab.
  2. People used to have poor performance with the game a year ago but some Nvidia drivers were supposed to fix that. Nothing about ATI cards caught my eye. I mean, even the latest ATI driver had a fix for Dragon Age 2.

    The freezing starts occuring about 30 minutes into the game. Maybe it's a memory leak of some sort? And this is the only game that has froze on me.
  3. temperatures? and memory utilization?

    if you're running out of ram or vram it could cause some stutters but certainly not freezing, unless ofcourse you got faulty hardware
  4. Temperatures are fine, CPU cores around 48-50 C and GPU 50-56 C. Shouldn't have trouble with vram since the game was doing the same thing before using HD texture patch.
  5. well last thing I can suggest is check your ram with memtest86, if it's not that then your should be looking for some software conflict

    edit: on the second thought, forget about checking your ram, if dragon age is the only game you're having trouble with then it's the game that's at fault here. Reinstall, reupdate drivers or try earlier versions.

    as far as running out of vram, if you were running out of vram before the textures patch then obviously you will run out of them even faster.
  6. Ok, thanks for the help. I'll re-install the game and see if that helps.
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