Skyrim crashing after 60 seconds

Everytime now for the past hour Skyrim has crashed no more than 60 seconds into the gameplay. I'm getting so tired of this. Just bought this game 3 days ago and I'm already having issues. a complete ruining to the game.
my system:
GTX 560 TI
G-skill 1600mhz ram (8gb)
Asrock P6 Extreme4

I've looked up this online and I've tried all the other solutions people are finding. from the sound changes to lowers the shadows setting. I am disgusted by this.

any other ideas not around would love to hear.
I remember this happening before. When i had to do the lockpick quest just before the quest. I'd load up and a few minutes into game play it'll quit to desktop. no error thing or anything. I got it to stop that time by loading from a different save point. That did not seem to work this time. (out of the 3 most current saves I loaded none worked this time. The only one left is well very far backwards into the game and I wish not being forced repeat something for a company's lack of concern for customers.)
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  1. Did you patch the game?
  2. what are your temperatures after 60 sec into the game?
  3. My temps are fine. I'm running the H80 for my cpu and MSI twin frozr 560. never see my temps for my GPU over 60c and my CPU over 55c.
    I patched it and everything. At this point I deleted the entire folder and I'm going to completely re install it. happens again I'll just drop the game on the stores desk and tell them they can keep it. would love my money back -.-
  4. Although i did get into the game and pay more attention to realize. it crashed every time i entered a loading screen. as soon as the usual loading stuff came up it would crash.
  5. verify integrity of game files through steam, if that doesn't help I'd consider a complete reinstall. Did it have these issues on day 1 when you installed the game?

    or is this only after 2 days? if the latter then have you installed any software or skyrim mods?
  6. happened randomly was actually about to log off for the night too. was After I installed the mods and everything. I uninstalled all the mods i did check the integrity I've done all the things I could find online nothing worked.
    is it possible for my save files to be corrupted?
    I backed them up for when i finish the re install.( still download the update -.-) I really hope my save files still work.

    when i said after I meant Way after I installed the mods first day of gameplay. So idk if they could be the issue.
    Also, curious what are the best mods for the game as far as support and improvements?
  7. well it's possible, but try starting a new game and see how that works, if starting a new game doesn't produce a crash in 15 minutes it could be the corrupted save data.
  8. 1). Do you have the lastest graphics card drivers?
    2). If you over clocked the cpu or gpu, is it reasonable (not to unstable levels)\
    3). If you over clocked the cpu and / or gpu, did you also clock the bridges and memory accordingly?
    4). Does your power supply have enough wattage? Your rig needs at least 600-650 watts
    5). Reinstall
    6). If it still doesn't work, try running a bench mark on your system (like 3DMark11), and if you crash, it's either a power supply issue or a board issue.
  9. Only overclock i did was straight from the mobo a 4.8 GHZ OC. I assumed since it was an automated OC i'd need not do anything else.
    Yes I've got the latest drivers. I've bencmarked my computer when i started gaming. I can run 2 instances of Rift on med graphics with no problem. no reason my system can't handle the game.

    If my save data really is corrupt that's a bug I'm not going to deal with. I could be a boss away from the last and i could lose my entire game. I tried 3 or so different save points all resulted in the same thing with the crash

    well i thought i had them -/.0
  10. my PSU is a 750 i believe
  11. ookay I re-did my benchmark.
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