I just shaved 5C of my load temp on a aluminium HS

Sounds strange doesn't it well I had a discussion a week ago about it the thing is copper conducts heat about 67% better than aluminium. So i said to myselfes what the hack a coldplate don't cost much so why don't i try it.

I got it this morning, made me a special clip i thought it wouldn't fit (coldplate is 3mm thick) but de clip i made didn't work so i tried the original clip.

I have a Fop 32 and before i used a coldplate my CPU temp at full load was:
800@952 48C without coldplate
800@952 43C with coldplate

well it works for me, just be carefull with the clip (to atache the HS to the socket, I tried it first on a spare converter i had, so i was sure it would fit nice (that's when I saw that my own home made clip wasn't working)
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  1. Yeah, the 1/8 inch copper plates are awesome. I lapped the coldplate and heatsink, then put a tiny bit of Arctic silver on the bottom of the heatsink and spread it across the entire surface with a razor blade. There's just a tiny haze across it, but I think that dropped my cpu temp 1.5C (I also bent the clip a little tighter).

    Taking off the side panels and pointing a vortex fan at the motherboard also works...
  2. got an nother one sounds strange but i just read an article about grounding a HS and I did it well my temp didn't went down but my Vcore did. Vcore was 1.95 and now is 1.85 and it is rock stable, I don't know how this works or why but it did
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