Ps1 game name please help!

guyz im looking for a ps1 game that i use to play long back. the thig is, i cant remember the name of the game but i can still remember flash backs of the game if anyone could recognise this discription of the game i would be gratefull to know its name:

-Its a Japanese production

-the main charater whic the person controls carries a swor, blond hair, and his picture appears before the start of each chapter on the left.

-at the end of each chapter a map like picture with trails appear and a sword is dug into the ground indicating the start of a new chapter.

-during the switch of chapters the sound of the main character is played as he speaks in japanese.

-the game starts off at the mountains, where he had to fight monesters with a sword which he can then switch to other swords if found , for diffirent special hits (there was the fire sword , lightning sword,and another two i cant remember).

-then after the moutais comes the forrest but for a small period.

-the next chapter,he enters a graveyard and have to fight dead souls.and then enters a cathedral (large church) where he has to fight ghosts.

-he then goes up to the next floor to ficht skeletons and the skeleton king.

-thats all i remember throughout the gameplay but i can also remember the last boss fight!!

-the last boss wass like a huge creature mostly looke like a spider that sends out various colored rays and you had to fight him off a platform. his life bar was made of several color when one colour end on the lf bar another colour appers under the old one.

-after you kill the main boss its body cracks oben and white rays are sent out whith the place around it shaking with rage (at this point the dual shoch controller vibrates A LOT ) and then the screen become white.

_last but not least the main character appers in a pictur with "THE END" quote written beside it and at the right bottom a very important notice that i never forgot ( but never attempted!!!!) written, reading: "play the game one more time and something will happen"!!!!!
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  1. sounds to me like a side scroller beat-em-up, but I've never seen something like that on PS1, analogs from arcades and sega genesis were:
    Golden Axe series
    Dungeons and Dragons Series
    or maybe even Dynasty Warriors series

    if those don't fit the bill look for similar games on PS1 on a website something like gamefaqs or gamespot

    good luck
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