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Any suggestions out there for good sim baseball/basketball games? Anyone know if Fast break College basketball 2010 is any good? Thanks. Out of the Park Baseball sounds great, but need others opinions.
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    The best basketball game is NBA2k12 and there isn't even any competition. It's arguably the best sports game ever made, period. I say that while basketball is not my favorite sport and I don't watch the NBA.

    As far as baseball goes, if you have a PS3 I know that MLB 12: The Show is considered to be the best baseball game ever made, and also the most sim-like (not as many goofy overlays for things like pitching and batting).

    That's about all I can tell you specifically man. If you're a PC-only gamer, then the only modern baseball game available is MLB 2k12 which is not nearly as good as NBA 2k12, nor is it as good as The Show.
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  3. Id been looking around for a good baseball sim and found Franchise Ball a few days ago.. ts a pretty legit baseball sim. its multiplayer, you own and manage a team, trade players, bid on salaries for contracts.. its pretty interesting, check it out :
  4. Best is this one :)


  5. Polar Bowler
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