3DMARK 2000 scores

Iwas trying to compare my performance to other computers,but on Mad Onion's website it dosen't give you all the system specs or if it is overclocked etc.So i really have no real way to fully compare.all posts would be appreciated.
thanks in advance rick

asus P3V4x
P3 550e@814 1.75v 148fsb
Annihilator 2 32mb 235/370
128mb micron pc133 cas3 at 148fsb
10 gig Western Digital 7200 rpm udma66
Vortex 2
52x cdrom
Soho nic
Best Data 56k modem

6951 3D MARKS
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  1. U got that score at what resoultion, and color depth?
  2. i ran the default benchmark 1024x768 16bit color
  3. That's a darn good score. On my first system, a Dell (I was young and impressionable), I managed to get a 5200. For some reason (FSB?!), your processor just killed mine, but mine is an 850 MHz (Not overclocked - damn OEM's). My graphics card on that system is a Geforce 256, and yours is a GTS/Pro, both 32MB. I would say that your score is really good.

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  4. ASUS A7V133
    AMD Thunderbird 1.1GHz @ 1.212GHz
    GeForce2 GTS 32MB DDR
    128MB Infineon PC133 CAS2 @ 134MHz (lol)
    50GB of Maxtor Draco II hard drive space
    SB LIVE! X-Gamer 5.1
    50x CD-ROM
    Datalink 10.100 nic card

    I got 7640

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

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  5. Anyone know why my the 3dMark test just shuts down partway through on me? It doesnt cause any problems, just shuts right the hell down :o) err ;(... it worked fine on my PIII 450, but this is an AMD KT7A-Raid set up... should I slow my processor down? It doesnt have any problems usually 850 @ 980.....

    I havnt even overclocked the RAdeon yet, and i got it up to 190 or so on my PIII 450... new drivers installed and everything

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  6. Your right on par with similar systems.

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  7. IF your running W2K have you done the microsoft update for amd with geforce card yet? if not W2K then you may need to back off the overclock a little for stability or try upping the I/O voltage to see if it helps stabilize things. just a few things to try.
  8. Griz with that system you should be killing me on score, but your only getting about 10% better. Looks like you need to tweek a little more.(LOL)
  9. wusy, your a friggin genius :) it has to do with stability or something... the 3dmark tester is EXTREMELY sensitive when it comes to oc'ing... so I have to back it off a bit for it.. thakns bro

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  10. Well, I guess I will post mine.

    A7V Duron 600@1GHz
    512MB PC133 cas2 crucial
    Geforce2 Ultra 64MB
    ~7600 Standard benchmark
  11. Hey, Bubba. Noticed your scores are going up! You overclocking the Ultra now or did you do some mobo tweaks?
  12. It was a Duron 600@950 with a GeForce2 GTS 64MB and I got at score of about 6500. Then I got a GeForce2 Ultra 64MB (for free :smile: ) and my score upped to 7100. Then I upped my FSB to 105 to get my Duron up to 1GHz and now my score is around 7500-7600.

    But I must say, the increased FSB is making my computer a bit unstable even with the voltage increased. Also, I was very disappointed with the GF2U. It really didn't do all that much for my score in my opinion and all my games don't look a bit different than they did with the GF2 GTS. In my opinion, the GF2U is not worth the money. For those of you wonder, my advice would be to save some bucks and just get the GF2 GTS.

    And what really frosts my cookies is that when I compare my scores to others on Madonion with a Duron at 1GHz and the GF2U, they all have scores in the 8000's and 9000's. I really don't know what they are doing that I am not. Maybe its the OS (I'm using WinMe) and maybe I have too many programs running in the background (mouse software, soundblaster liveware, and blackice defender).
    I just don't know. But since I don't notice a difference in gameplay, I don't see the need for such a card. Its just for bragging rights when comparing benchmarks and apparently I have lost.
    All I care about is that I can clearly see you in my sniper scope in Unreal Tournament.
  13. The Ultra's really shine at higher resolutions. I would just like to be able to play at 1280x1024 but since I only have a 15" monitor I have stuck with my Geforce256 card. An Ultra and a big monitor would be great but they will have to wait.

    Have you considered moving up to a Tbird. Seems Tbirds get about 1500-2000 more points in 3D Mark 2000 than their Duron counterparts do using the same class video card. Must be the larger cache that does it.
  14. mad onion has a page with tweeks for your card to get higher scores. like turning off fsaa, turning off v-sync,use page flipping for open gl,overclocking, etc. so check it out you might get higher score. dont know what tweeks your running now......
  15. Yes, I have considered a T-Bird. Now all I need to know which one of you is going to give me the money to buy it. Not just one person needs to send me money, you all can if you want. You can take up a collection, have a fund-raiser, or even a telethon. I don't care how you get me the money, just get it here.
  16. You have an Ultra! You must have money to burn! What's another few hundred dollars? lol!
  17. You can try the <A HREF="http://www6.tomshardware.com/business/00q4/001114/" target="_new">AMD Roadmap</A> here at THG but I don't think any speeds are given.
  18. I didn't pay for the Ultra. Someone gave it to me.
  19. Actually I haven't tweaked at all, and CPU speed doesn't really have a big impact on 3Dmark scores.

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

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  20. Well here is my score and sys.

    3dmark = 6300's

    sysytem = 800 duron GF2 256ram @100 cl2, 4way on k7t turbo-r

  21. On my P4 and o/c gf2 (250/370) ,i got:

    640x480 x 16 :8347 3dmarks
    1024x768 x 16 :7279 "

    according to the official ratings anything over 7001 and NOT 7000 (j/k) is insanely fast. I am sure ppl get better than over though. The weird thing is that i compared the two and i think gamespy in teh background didn't help the 640 x 480 one as it was worse in some framerates...

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    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

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  23. ASUS A7V
    1000MHz TBird non O/C
    256 Micron CAS2
    GeForce2 GTS 64MB

    Well if you hadn't read my "Dumbass" post you would see I got a 6985, but I'm running Win2k and I've seen scores dip 40% by switching to Win2k from WinME/9x

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  24. Cool. You should overclock

    well looking at the other scores I guess my score was pretty good! LOL

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  25. OMg what was i thinking???????? i got 8729 not 8347....damn i am dumb. Do you still beat me now though? I have been a friend with a 1.2 t-bird with 512 sys ram and 64 gf2 pro though....

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  26. sigh, all bow down to my 2300 score.

    P3 500, 256mb pc100, tnt2, win2k...
  27. Dude your system rocks!

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  28. so does his, i was using sarcasm

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  29. so your saying you like pudding?
  30. I overclocked my tnt2 to 150 core and 180 mem. As a result of 2500 new 3dmark score. Isn't that just wonderful?
  31. Yeah, isn't it sweet :) I gained around 10 fps for the fastest parts and about 1 fps on the complex parts!

    Yes I'm not serious about being happy
  32. I do indeed plan to O/C I'm waiting 'til I have a day off to take my GeForce2 to my friend's work so we can switch the resistors to change it to a Quadro2. (He works with machine that do that so I figured rather have it done clean then some home job)
    I also was able to boost my score to 8250 just playing around with settings. I also am waiting for a swiftech fan to replace my stock P.O.S. before going further.

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  33. wow, what sort of things did you change? Can you show us screens when it's all done, or you know a site?
  34. I've scored damn near to 6000 with my GF2 MX overclocked to 220/200.

    -MP Jesse
  35. is that the DDR version, you know what memory speed it uses? Who made it?
  36. its by Creative. it sucks crap though.

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  37. No, mine is a eVGA 7ns SDRAM version. I could get better scores if the access time wasn't so high. I can't get past 200mhz with the memory. And yes, Grizely is right... the Creative DDR version of the GF2 MX sucks because it has a 64bit memory interface- which cuts the bandwidth in half. But, nVidia is introducing the MX 400 that supports 128bit DDR at any speed. My scores are probably high because i have my FSB overclocked and I have PC2100 DDR SDRAM system memory.

    -MP Jesse

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  38. oh ic
  39. Griz I think you can get your score higher. For the benchmark, what optimization are you using?? I've seen a big increase on my machine by switching to Direct3D, I was using Athlon since, duh, I have an Athlon, but it seems that on systems with nice video cards (anything over a TNT2) they might benefit from using Direct3d. It doesn't actually make any difference in computer speed but it's nice to look at higher numbers. Your score should be higher than mine (8250). You might also wanna try the new VIA 428va drivers although there is an issue with your southbridge, <A HREF="http://www.viahardware.com" target="_new">http://www.viachipset.com</A> had a temporary fix for it. It did make a noticable 200-500 point increase on some of the systems I tried it on. I'm also using Detonator 7.52 BETA I did see a good improvement with these too. Oh I'm using Win2k SP1 and host of drivers for it. Anyone with a title of Forum Patriarch should have a higher score than me.

    I believe someone here said that CPU's didn't make much difference in scores. Well that's only half truth. Just changing the CPU wont do crap. I think the most important thing for getting FPS up is good RAM. PC133 CAS2, (for those that it is applicable), will definitely increase your score most notably from a CAS3 based system. An increase in CPU speed wont be seen if the same bottle neck exists. I have seen scores skyrocket directly with 3DMark2000's CPU score (check it in show details after a benchmark). I get around 550 now (big jump from 330 read my Dumbass post). Increasing FSB and RAM latency really helps. Hey, maybe thats why we have DDR now!! This, though will only help to a point. A good graphics card is needed to break 5000 from what I've seen.

    Just to let those interested know, it is quarter after 11am and I'm to meet my friend so we can do the Quadro2 crack during his lunch break at noon. I'll post at around 1:30 with benchmarks if all goes well.

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  40. Yes, well I was running it on OpenGL, I will try Direct3D. As for your other suggestions I have all newest drivers including VIA drivers. and my memory is 256MB CAS2 PC133 @142MHz (infineon.) I think it's just because ; 1. my card is Creative or 2. i was using opengl.

    thanks for the suggestions.

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  41. I thought it was just d3d, how do you use opengl?
  42. Hmm, maybe it was d3d. but i'm pretty sure i remember seeing it say "opengl" in the benchmark info thing..... *shrug*

    "648kb is all the space anyone would ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  43. I think those that use the Athlon instruction set are using OpenGL, but don't quote me on it. I did do the Quadro convserion. The guy that did it put new resistors on it since the ones on it are glued on (Leadtek GF2 GTS) or something like that. He said they were a b*tch to get off so he had to heat them up witch probably damaged them. Instead of trying them out he just replaced them. He did a friggin beautiful job. You can't even tell it was done. Windows 2K booted up searched for new drivers identifying the card as a Quadro2 Pro. I couldn't use the 7.52 drivers and the 7.17's sucked. I'm using the 6.67's with no problem. I have yet to try the released drivers... The benchmark didn't do much more. It went from 8250 to 8270. Only a 20 point increase but from what I hear the card's Ram is running at 200MHz instead of 250MHz. This is the main reason why I did it since now I have much more room to overclock the card. I hope to break 9000 without OC'n the CPU. And when I get my new HSF then I'll start on the CPU. I'd like to get the Silverado but ordering it seems like too much the hastle. I just wish I could buy those blower fans that it has and slap them on the Swiftech 462. That'd be the ultimate combo. Ultra cooling Ultra quiet. The silverado doesn't seem to have that much of an agressive heatsink design. I think all it's cooling comes from the extra volume pumped by those fans.

    <font color=red>Take my advice with a grain of salt, for</font color=red> <font color=blue>I AM A DUMB-ASS!!!</font color=blue>
  44. PIII800EB @ 888
    ATI Radeon 64DDR @ 210

    Default settings I pulled off a 5755

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  45. you can buy the gamma 28 fan at your local radioshack ,i know they s ck but they have some pretty good fans
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