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Alright so I'm extremely confused right now! In minecraft I get about 65-85FPS yet 0 screen tearing! in any other game with out vsync screen tearing is very bad and extremely annoying. And before someone says "ITS BECAUSE YOU HAVE VYSNC ON WITH MINECRAFT IDIOT" My fps in it is 65-85 my refresh rate is 60. So yeah no vsync there. My problem is i dont want vsync in my other games cause it lowers the fps (in some games its not enough for me to care but in most it is) I did see some where that triple buffering or something like that adds a third frame in rendering and eliminates screen tearing, i have no idea if this is true, but if it is then why isnt it working in any game but minecraft? I use RadeonPro to handle my settings (mainly to set pre-rendered frames to 0 to get rid of that pesky mouse lag). So yeah ive vented that frustration :) Any help with this is greatly appreciated. What im hoping to achieve is Vsync but without vsync (no tearing).

My specs are

CPU - Celeron E3400 OC @ 3.25GHz (my max unfortunately)
GPU - XFX Radeon HD6770 OC @ 900Mhz Core 1300MHz Memory
Ram - 3Gb DDR2
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  1. Use ATI Tray tools and make 1 profile for minecraft and another for the rest of your games. Can switch profiles via the taskbar icon in the bottomright from that point forward.

    If you want to alleviate screen tears, that is what vsync is for (tears caused by fps over 60, won't alleviate issues under 60 fps).

    As far as triple buffering goes, game (or you manually) need to incorporate d3doverrider in DX games (is native to openGL) and that is to make transition of movement (of objects as well as the screen) smoother by injecting the entry and exit frames, giving you 1 full and 2 partials (hence the image has been "triple" buffered). It's complex and if your game doesn't natively support DX triple buffering via D3Doverrider it's probably not worth exploring unless you want to learn the intricacies of it.
  2. The majority of the games i play get over 60 FPS no vsync but with it i get about 45-50 which is extremely Jittery/laggy for some reason even though in bfbc2 i get about 30-45 and its smooth as hell. Why do i need a profile for minecraft? im not trying to change anything with that, I just hate both screen tearing and vsync. In TF2 for example i get about 75-125 FPS everything max except 2x AA and 4xAF. But with Vsync i get about 60 in the areas without any action Like spawn but around people and a huge fight i get like 40-45 which is laggy as hell, without vsync its rare to drop to 50FPS. Also does RadeonPro not force triple buffering in games when i enable it? Or do i need d3doverrider for that?
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    Triple buffering isn't native to directx so if a game is a directx application and doesn't have d3doverride (world of warcraft is a good example of a game that natively includes this functionality) triple buffering won't do anything.

    The reason your fps drops with vsync sometimes is that vsync basically runs an algorithm to throttle fps to the refresh rate, which is fine when you were never dipping below that mark. But if you rubberband above and below 60 fps (or between any relatively disparate fps value) sometimes vsync causes an effect where that same algorithm is run on the frames being processed below the 60 mark as well (new virtual vsync/adaptive vsync aims to correct this eventually). That is why you don't enable it if there is the chance of running below 60 fps. Hope that clarifies things a bit.
  4. Yeah that helps alot :) Will capping my fps to 60 instead of enabling vysnc (with Dxtory) get me vsync without vsync, eliminate the tearing? cause i have limited games that run at 40-45 consistantly to 30 and get 0 fps drop past 30 so unlike vsync it doesnt go WAY below what it can do.
  5. Yes if you can find an fps-limiter (this was necessary for Skyrim early on since vsync added huge mouse-lag, and disabling vsync made mammoths jitter and fly into space) will cap your fps at 60 and help with tearing without running literal vsync. FPS limiting is usually written in a program game-specifically, or included as part of the engine function (such as unreal engine) but there may be generic frame-cappers out there. I've just never looked for one. Best of luck.
  6. Well dxtory works rather well, I used it for skyrim to limit it to 35 to make it run smoother even though it running at 40 with vsync looks rather decent limiting it to 35 made it very smooth. Thanks alot though that really did help alot!
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