Mass Effect 3 - Saving Both Geth And Quarians?

Hey guys;
I want to know that:
How to save both GETH and QUARIANS in Mass Effect 3 without adding the mass effect 2 save files?
Means by starting the new game from Mass Effect 3..
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  1. i dont think you can until you have a second playthrough. only then will you have enough paragon to offer mediation between the 2 factions...
    you can either play through other parts of the game to increase your paragon and then go and see what you can do or hit em up as soon as they appear on the map and hope you have enough to convince both sides to stop...

    i played off a perfect save from me1 and me2 so was able to save both and end the war reasonably easily...
    as soon as you manage to stop the geth attack by taking down there control hubs you have to stop the quarians from attacking... convince them to repair there ships if your giving the option. i think theres 3 fire missions where your given the options to mediate. if you get it wrong on just 1 of em they will keep fighting till 1 or the other wins... legion is the key though... funny thing is i dont remember seeing the geth at the final battle. yeah i saw there ships in the final battle but there were no geth on the ground...
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    Hello geniusender,

    From my play through without a save I did not find a way to do it with a fresh profile. My first play through I played with my mass effect 2 save. If you are asking because you do not have a save I would suggest:

    They have save files for both mass effect 2 and 3 and allow you to choose paragon, renegade, or neutral. It also allows romance options and each user provides all their info for the save. This could help out a bit.

    Good Luck and enjoy the game. If the ending bothers you like it did many, remember there is a DLC coming Free of charge to add to the ending.
  3. hello kcsmacker,
    actually i m having my mass effect 2 save file.i m going to start a new game from it..
    By the way thanks to both of you guys...
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