Some games suddenly having fps drop. Please help!

Well yeah my PC is old but I can run some older games perfectly fine. I played League of Legends on low graphics at 60fps but then after a few hours or so the fps started dropping from 60 to like 10 for a few seconds then it returned back. Similar thing happened with Risen, a few months ago when I played it, it ran fine, but now it starts to have same fps drops like league of legends, it runs fine then it slows down for a few seconds then it comes back. Any way I can fix this?
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  1. Hello,
    To answer your question in short - there's plenty of ways to fix it, depends on how much money you're looking to spend and what the problem is.

    Start with checking your temperatures and background processes.
  2. ^+1
    First off you need to open it up and clean all of the dust build up in side. Take out your graphic card if you have one and make sure it is free of dust as well. Since your PC is old that is my first guess.

    Second if you don't have a graphic card (GPU) I would say your integrated GPU is having issues with the games. If you do have a GPU then it is possible that it is heating up and gearing down.

    CPU's and GPU's have built in saftey sencers when they get to hot they throttle down. While down they cool and go back up again. I am going to link you to MSI Afterburner a tool that will help.

    You will be able to monitor your temps on your GPU and set your fan speed That if you have a reference GPU. You should post your spec's that way we can see what might be the problem. Good luck.

    All that I linked you to is temp monitoring of your rig.
  3. Yeah I got a gpu nvidia 7300gt. Though I don't have a fan it got some passive cooling or something. Are games sometimes running slow because of cooling?
    BTW specs are :
    AMD Athlon x2 4400+
    Nvidia 7300gt
    1gb ddr2 RAM
    Asus m2n dh mobo
  4. it's possible but without checking for sure it's hard to say
  5. Well I used the tool you gave me, the temperature before I started playing was 86, I have been playing for about 10 minutes and then it started lagging, the temperature was 112-125. Is that causing the problem?
  6. stefan37 said:
    Well I used the tool you gave me, the temperature before I started playing was 86, I have been playing for about 10 minutes and then it started lagging, the temperature was 112-125. Is that causing the problem?

    Yes that is your problem. When you first boot up it should be around 35c and under load or in your game you should be between 50c to 75c. My rule of thumb is never go over 80c and you shouldn't have any problems.

    Some GPU's are rated for 99c but by the time you get to that point.You will have incountered all kinds of problems. I would be looking for a new GPU with a fan on it so it will increase in speed as your temps rise.

    Also depending on your size of powersupply (PSU) in watts will help in figuring out what type of GPU to get. But for now you could take a house fan open up the side of your case and have it blow over the GPU and your mother board (MOBO).

    You should see a very high drop in temps. With MSI Afterburner you can set way points with the fan on a GPU to increase in speed as the temps rise. I will link you to some GPU's so you can get an idea on cost.

    I don't know what your PSU is but according to AMD these cards need a 400w one. But it comes down to how many amps are on the 12v rail. There is a sticker on your PSU that will give you that info.
  7. passive gfx coolers will often produce temps in excess of 100'c so adding a spot fan is always a good idea...
    for the 7300 any temp over 110 will result in throttling and if the tem doesnt fall it will shut off the monitor forcing you to restart the computer thus ending the gfx stress...

    so i would recommend you choose the cheapest solution as the pc isnt really worth throwing money at.... so that would be a spot cooler. if you cant find 1 a cheap ram cooler can be modded into a spot cooler just by removing it from the housing and creating a wire bracket to attach it to the side of the case to hold it in the rite place so it effectively cools the area you want... as you can see i did this myself for my old sparkle 8800gt coolpipe fanless cooler... (the fan is off an old p4 cpu so gve a wopping 5000rpm and reduced temps by nearly 40'c at load)
  8. holy batman, niceone hexit
  9. Well thanks guys. I guess I'll just get a new fan for this gpu because new gpu isn't worth it on this bad pc. Good thing I'm getting a new PC this summer :D
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