How to install Steam games across two drives

So I have a 128gb SSD, with about 5 Steam games on it, however, I don't want the rest on the SSD, as I was to leave room, so is there anyway to save games to my HDD? Is there some way to tell Steam to look in a certain file on my D: drive as well as the rest of the games on the C:? Thanks!

(Don't tell me to install Steam on the D: drive, I want some on the SSD still)
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  1. afaik there is no way to split a folder between two disparate drives or tell Steam to look for certain files on one drive and other file on another drive.

    However, if you really wanted you could install Steam to your C: drive and mount your hard drive as a subfolder within the Steamapps folder e.g. common. Others have had complications with this method as Steam has reportedly refused to install games if the SSD does not have enough free space left.

    Personally, unless I'm forced to, I have my OS and Steam install on different drives.
  2. use the steams backup function which allows you to store the game as an image/archive. you can then put the game anywhere you like. then install it as and when...
    if your looking to install games on another drive then its the options you need to change...
    both options are available.
    for none steam games... if you right click on the game in your steam library, and select properties you can set the file location for the game to run from. you do this if you install to a different drive or outside of steam...
    for steam games if you right click you will see extra tabs in the properties
    under local files you will see backup local files this will create an archive that you can later install from but i think it has to install into steams own folders... maybe on the install it will allow you to change the destination directory...
  3. Thanks guys. I guess I'll just have to move my Steam folder into the D drive when it gets too big!
  4. the thing about steam is your games are always there to download. if your on a crap connection then yes its an issue. but if you have 1 30-60mb line then its not...
    most games will take less time to download than to install 1s you get up to a decent line speed...
    for instance i just reinstalled cod mw3 i took just under an hour 20 to download and install on my current 30mb (soon to be 60mb) line which you will agree isnt a long time to get 13gigs installed.

    so if you have a fast net then dont worry just install and uninstall as and when...
  5. I've had partial success with this program:

    You have to install the game through Steam normally, then run this program to move them to another disk. It only had trouble with one or two games out of the ~120 games I own on Steam, and then just moving them back using this program fixed the problem.
    Not ideal, but the best solution I've been able to find.
  6. I personally use SteamMover and love it. Just download the game from Steam like you usually would, then move them wherever you want in a few minutes with steammover. Really easy to use and great for moving things between drives quickly.
  7. Yes, You can do this.
    Sorry I just now found this thread but you have to use a DOS command and it creates a shortcut folder on your ssd where the game would be that sends steam to look for it on your HDD. this video helped me alot
  8. This functionality is now built into steam. Not sure why a thread from a year ago was brought up but there you go.
  9. This functionality is now built into steam. Not sure why a thread from a year ago was brought up but there you go.
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