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I bought an HP system with Win7HP and a blu-ray disk drive. I proceeded to blow off the HP installation of Win7HP and install my own retail copy of Win7Pro (because I'm on a domain). Then I found out that the blu-ray drive doesn't work without some special software, and I can't install the custom software that HP supplies with the system because it is no longer their custom installation of Win7HP. (There is a recovery partition containing the needed software but it won't install because it is no longer an "authorized" system.) According to HP, the only solution is to order the recovery disks, reinstall the HP version of Win7HP, and then purchase the HP upgrade kit to go to Win7Pro, which costs $199. That would undoubtedly get the blu-ray working, but it's way too expensive in my judgement because I have Win7Pro licenses available thru Volume Licensing that are way less than that.

So... Is there a free or cheap way to get the blu-ray player working? TIA - JR
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  1. No free way... you'll have to purchase some sort of Blu-Ray playback software. I have no idea what's available, as I use the software that originally came with my Acer laptop. Even though I did a clean install of Win 7 Home Premium, I was still able to download the software and install it. (It's called Acer Arcade). I did have to Google it to find it though... so you might want to try that first.
  2. Can't you put the original 7HP version back on with the recovery partition and do an upgrade to 7Pro?
  3. Not with an OEM disc and key, he can't.
  4. As Zoron said - "Not freebe", this is becouse of copyright / license for the sound codex. Their are 3 software Blue-ray players ranging in price from about $60 -> $100. depending on "sales. I use the Cyberlink (On 2 desktops - freebe when I bought a Blu-ray recorder)) and arcsoft Home theatre on two laptops.
  5. Zoron said:
    Not with an OEM disc and key, he can't.

    What I meant to say was couldn't he put the computer back to factory condition with the recovery partition? This would put it in the same state as when he received it with all the bloatware and a valid, working blu-ray playing program, if it came from the factory with one. Then couldn't he do an "upgrade" to Windows 7 Professional? I'm sorry if I wasn't clear the first time. :)
  6. Yes, that is possible... but ONLY if he has a retail upgrade copy of Windows 7 Pro (or via the anytime upgrade option). The problem is that he has VLKs from MSDN that he'd rather use... which are OEM and will only clean install... there is NO upgrade option. Although now that I read through the post again, I see something about Win 7 Pro Retail mentioned... is that a full copy or upgrade?

    PS: You don't need the Windows 7 restore media from HP... all you have to do is clean install with the restore media they provided and then use a Windows 7 Pro to upgrade (rather than clean install). You would have all the HP software with Win 7 Pro and then you could commence uninstalling the crap you don't need. After all that is done, I'd recommend creating an image so that you don't have to go through all those steps again if something goes wrong.
  7. Windows 7 didn't include Blu-ray support by default because it would raise the price per license of Windows 7 $30 on all versions.

    PowerDVD 9 has Blu-ray playback support for Windows 7, so you can start there. It's like $50 over at Newegg.
  8. Thanks for all the responses! It looks like I'll have to spring for Roxio's Blu-ray player ($50) as the PowerDVD mentioned, $50 at NewEgg, doesn't appear to actually play blu-rays.

    As to re-installing the factory installation of Win7HP, I can't at this point, without purchasing the recovery disks (I stupidly didn't create the recovery disks before blowing off the Win7HP), because the recovery won't work if the original install isn't there. Ain't that just great?!?
  9. Unless things have changed, the manufacturer will usually ship out the disks for the cost of shipping and handling. On the other hand $50 may be cheaper than your time getting HP to send you the disks, waiting for them, reinstalling home premium and then upgrading to professional given that you had a blu-ray player suite.
  10. Do you just need a basic player or do you need all the bells and whistles such as HD audio, DVD upconversion, etc?

    The cheapest BD player that I know of is Corel's WinDVD Pro at $39.99.

    That being said, from my experience with HTPC BD software I have had the best experience with Arcsoft's TMT3 Platinum which is $60 and worth the extra cost IMO.

    My 2¢
  11. +1 on Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum
  12. plus 1 for windvd pro!
  13. HP will provide the media for the cost of shipping if the unit is under warranty... after that, I believe they charge $19.99 or $29.99.
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