Gaming Config. question

Intel I5-2500k 3.3GHz
RAM 4GB DDR 1333
500GB HD
Could this pc run games like : (World Of Warcraft:Cataclysm,Crysis 2 , Skyrim,League Of Legends,BF3 etc..)
and on which settings - (low-medium-high-ultra etc..)
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  1. id go for 8gb with windows 64 bit if i were you

    ram is cheap so its worth doing
  2. wow you'll be able to run close to maxed. Crysis2, BF3 and probably Skyrim you won't be able to come close to maxing with 60 fps because of your GPU.
  3. BF3 High with decent FPS but it would be worth pushing for a 560 if you can.
  4. as others have hinted at your gfx is a little on the weak side compared to the sheer grunt of the cpu. getting a higher end card would give a good performance boost over what you have but thats not saying you wont be able to play any game you want... you just wont be able to max the newer titles like bf3... your settings are mostly gonna be medium to high. rather than high to ultra...
    so as i say a new gfx card is worth thinking about.
  5. So should i like another slower CPU and buy a better GPU?Could this be better?
  6. your cpu is fine. and i wouldnt change it. if you dont have the budget to get a higher spec gfx card then get what you can for now and in a few months when you get the money together then get a higher end 1... btw the guy saying high settings must be high himself. my 5870 barley does high and thats a much better card than the 550...
    i just got bf3 it this morning and im finding where the settings are to give a minimum of 60 fps and im surprised at how low i will have to run the games settings... for single player, yeah i will run ultra on some and high on others but multiplayer i will have to pretty much run at low settings across the board... just to make sure i get a rock solid 60...
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