Skyrim BETTER fps with fraps???

I was having this problem with while I'm looking around, inside or outside, my movements (looking) are very jittery and annoying. I'm playing at a constant 60 fps and it doesn't dip under 55. I was going to record the issue to see if I could find someone who would know how to fix it... but when I started recording BOOM. Fixed. It made my game silk smooth. I did notice that while I was playing without recording my frames would be going from 60-62 rapidly. When I record it locks it at 60. Any ideas what would be causing my issue?

Intel i5 2500k @ 3.3
Sapphire HD 6950 @ 840/1325
8GB Ripjaws ddr3 @ 1600
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  1. Alright after finding it was silk smooth while recording I tried bumping my graphic settings all the way up to see what it was like then. I found that fixed a lot of my problem, but not all. It's still a little more smooth with recording unbelievably.
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