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the first time we noticed problems, it was the tv reacting to the switch for the fan in the room. Recently, my friend was playing fallout on it, after a while, it just turned off, not the console, but the screen and auditory, which he figured out that it froze, but when he turned it back on, it was making the swoop of the x ball, when it stoped made annoying sounds and contorted the pixels on the screen. Today, i unplugged everything from it, and tried it again, i got as far as seeing the loading screen for the game. when i turned it off, i noticed that it was hot after just a few minutes. Sorry for the female explanation, but i'd really like to know whats going on, and if and how i can fix it. thank you :)
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  1. Can't figure out what the issue is here. Is the XBOX not working? The TV? What does this have to do with the fan in the room exactly?

    XBOX systems do have issues with overheating, if it's in warranty, get it replaced. If it works after a while of being off, may want to make sure it's in an open space and may want to get a aftermarket cooler for it.
  2. If you go to MS has some good troubleshooting walkthroughs that "might" resolve the issue. From what you are seeing though, it will probably need to be repaired/replaced. As hang said, make sure the system is not blocked on any side (especially the back) to make sure that's not the issue. You might also want to try plugging the system into a different outlet, on another circuit if you can, to check if there might be a power draw issue in the room since the TV reacts to the fan being switched on.
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