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I'm having a video rendering problem around vegetation, water, and dust particles in multiple games. Black boxes flicker on and off or move around various textures. I mostly notice the error on low end games but even "high end" games like Mercenaries 2, Crysis, NFS Undercover, Far Cry 2 all have this problem. They all run smoothly on high setting but its just the black boxes make the gameplay miserable at times because its very distracting and its all over the place! I notice the problem went away when i was playing Far Cry 2 on directx 10 instead of 9. There wasn't a noticeable drop in framerates but most of the black boxes dissaperd Please help. Let me know if some picture would be helpful. i have an Saphire AMD Radeon hd 5750 btw.
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  1. there called artifacts. often they can be goten ridd of by upgrading the drivers to the latest 1s. but you also have to keep the gfx cool. if it gets close to its maximum it will throw artifacts at the screen and if the temps keep climbing the card will shut off.
    so make sure your gpu fan and cooling are dust free. check your temps regularly. anything over 80 is considered high (so turn up the fans if you can) while 65-79 is considered normal. if the temps are in the normal range i would look at the drivers and replace them as i said earlier.
  2. Thanks so much for replying!

    It's not a heating issue i know for sure. Rarely climbs into the 70s. It sounds to be a driver issue. I recently bought this build from an old friend, and even tho i used driver sweeper in safe mode, maybe files still got transferred somehow when i cloned files to my new harddrive. So i'll try sweeping again.

    another problem comes up from time to time where my game would randomly crash. But it seems it would crash the entire OS. No response from keyboard inputs. I have to manually hit the power button on my case to restart. I even would get crashes where the screen would turn a certain solid color with thin vertical lines all across the screen and this loud buzzing sound in my headphones. Could that be a factor as well? I used to get blue screens but it turns out that was an overclocked CPU heating issue i fixed.

    Here's my system specs:
    AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor (3.2ghz)
    4 gbs DDR3 Ram
    640Gb 7200rpm WDC hard drive
    Saphire AMD Radeon HD 5750 (not overclocked at the moment)
    Windows 7 64bit
  3. Which drivers are you currently using? Try rolling back, and see if the problem still persists.
    Also, this could be due to the card being defective. Did you face this problem when you bought the card?
  4. thin vertial lines is normaly bad drivers 2. i used to get it on the first few iterations of drivers for my 5870 and recently returned on the 12.1 drivers... but again was solved on the 12.2 1s...
    what i saw in the logs were entries that said. the amd driver has closed because it could not restart the gfx card because it couldnt find it in the hardware list. but as i said this was a driver issue.
  5. Right now im running 12.3. I just updated last night, but the rendering around vegetation still purists. And i didnt buy the card, bought the rig from an old friend. I saw him test it out on Unreal tournament 3 without any issues or hiccups. The cards not that old either at the most 2 1/2 years old.
    If you could tell me how to upload a picture on here i could let u see for yourself the graphics problem.
  6. Take a screen shot of the game, upload to imageshack or photobucket (you might require a membership, it's free though), then provide us the link.

    Also, try rolling back the drivers, instead of updating it.
  7. Alright well here is Mercenaries 2. Dont get caught up with the game itself, I know its buggy, but this is where the problem is the "best displayed" Look around the vegetation. Please also note that what you're seeing is just an image. the Game itself is actually flickering around the trees as u can begin to see in the stills. Not sure i mentioned this before but i do see this flickering in video playback, usually in random areas varying in size. And yes i know its not the video itself or the player

  8. Quote:
    Also, try rolling back the drivers, instead of updating it.
    I've tried that also to no avail. rolled back to even 11.9.
    Thanks again for taking time out to help me with this issue. I really appreciate it :)
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    yeah they are artifacts... 11.2 is worth a try as they were released about the time rage came out. so you may even want to go back as far as 10.10.
    if this has been an issue since you got the machine i would say your mate oveclocked the card had a thermal shut down event which damaged it and now the card artifacs at the slightest stress.
    but try a couple of older drivers first. if you dont manage to get stable then ask yer pal why he sold you a turkey...
  10. Yeah i rolled back to 10.10 and it didnt fix the problem. Looks like it was an overheating issue probably from the slew of blue screens i kept getting from the CPU he overclocked. At least it still runs Cysis 2 smoothly. Guess i'll just have to live with it till i can get a new card.
    Thanks for all you help! :D
  11. you could always try dropping the clocks a little and see if that helps... 25-50mhz should do it on the cpu and pretty much the same on ram...
  12. Yeah still doesn't fix the problem... looks like it really is the graphics card
  13. Saitek03 said:
    Yeah still doesn't fix the problem... looks like it really is the graphics card

    Could be that.
    Since you're facing this problem on almost all of the games...
  14. if the card is still in warranty then i would consider RMA'ing it as a replacment is unlikely to have the same issues...
    if its a 2-3 year warranty and over a year old then you will have to send it to the manufacturer so you will need to email them. if its less than a year old then the retailer where you got it from is responsible for the RMA. but be careful some retailers will palm you off. if they do you can still rma to the manufacturer but make sure you tell em that the retailer refused to honor the warranty... sometimes they will throw in a little extra or an upgrade because of that poor customer service...
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  16. I had that problem on Far Cry 2 using my 6850, solved it by turning on Vsync, I think it's a Radeon issue with some game engines. It doesn't happen all the time on my 6850, just randomly on Far Cry 2. Misread you post at first, but I would guess this is a HD 5XXX bug, try the VSYNC, hope you didn't have to get another card.
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