pro/con volcano II fan fit on vantec heat sink

I was just wondering if I could put the volcano II fan 4500 rpms 36 cfm and 31.8 dBa on a vantec fce-62540d heat sink, why a vantec fan is 6800 rpms 36.7 cfm and and 45 dBa, the vantec fan in my mind is to loud for a .7 cfm gain in air movement and you would only lose a 1 or 2 degree at most. not sure on rpms doing anything.
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  1. If mine ever comes in (it was shipped last monday who knows where it could be) I will let you know because I ordered the whole volcanoII heatsink just so I could mess with the fan, which personally I don't beleive actually puts out that much air, nor does pham computers, but we'll see. See my post furthur down, and I'll keep you posted.

  2. thanks be looking.
  3. I saw a review of it telling it pushes 26CFM, but for 31dBa I guess it isn't that bad either. Keep us informed of you feeling of this HSF
  4. Got the heat sink today- and (drum roll please)
    IT SUCKS!! Ok no seriously it's ok, but the fan on it is as good as a 27cfm ystech or a 28-29cfm adda fan. It certainly does not even approach the power of the delta black label fan. It is quieter though. I put it on there and just watched the heat rise. So i combined the fop32 (ys tech 27cfm) fan with the volacno 2 fan with a case slot bar and some superglue and the two fans together cool the same as, if not a tiny bit better than the delta fan, and much quieter too.

  5. Haven't tried the heat sink yet though.

  6. thanks for info
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