Computer freezes during a game

Hi guys,

I just got my computer back from service.
I installed some games yesterday and I got this freeze problems.
When I play a game the game freezes at the moment and than continues.
But at the end computer freezes and I can't do anything but to restart it.

I installed two games:
Far Cry, which is a pretty old game i think from 2004 (but I love it :)) and Syndicate, a game from 2012

The problem appears on both games.

My spec:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

Intel Sandy Bridge @ 3.30GHz
32nm Technology


Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. PH67-DS3-B3 (Socket 1155)

SyncMaster @ 1280x1024
NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

Hard Drives
313GB Seagate ST3320613AS ATA Device (Unknown Interface)

High Definition Audio Device
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  1. go into bios and load optomized defaults... make sure hpet is on and set to match your o.s bitrate (so 64 for you)...
    make sure the ram is running at the correct speed and timings (auto can often undervolt your ram so set it manualy if the voltages dont match the 1s given for the ram).

    1s done reboot and see if the problem persists.
    if you crash again open the case and check all leads, connections and the cpu/hsf locking mechanism. just make sure nothing is loose...

    as you have just had it returned from a repair center/shop...
    when you open the case and check, just make sure everything is as it should be. some shops are known to swap out good parts for unreliable parts so you keep going back, spending more money in the process.
    things to look for are mismatched ram sticks(or cheaper ram ). removed heat syncs. disconnected fans or badly connected power leads...
    also check the psu to make sure the warranty label hasnt been broken (meaning some 1 has opend it)...
    if you find your system has been swaped about for second rate parts your getting ripped off and you should follow that up legaly (dont confront em yourself get a legal rep to do it)...
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