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Hi i have made a post about this before and did not get a clear answer that worked. I have a AMD HD7870 Gigabyte factory OC'd with 2gb of VRAM and gta4 will lock up at 1-10 FPS when i use 900+/2013 VRAM in the GTA4 video settings. Whenever i use 600 MB(Everything at High except for water on low, shadows/night shadows off, 25 view/detail distance) i get 35-50 fps on average. I know gta4 is a bad port with FPS issues but still this benchmark shows it should work better then it actually is working.
Here is a link to the benchmark results for GTA4 on my AMD 7870 2gb. I know it doesn't all depend on my GPU, so here are my other specs. If there is any more info that could be useful let me know. Thanks!
650W PSU

Btw i'm pretty sure i have all the driver updates i need. Took forever to download/install them all.
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  1. well first off cody your page file is way bigger than it needs to be. you need to set it to 1.5 times your actual physical ram size. any more or less and you can get a performance hit or out of memory errors.
    on to the game. you should be able to turn everything up to max except draw distance... but you have a 2 gig card so you should be able to max that as well as it only needs 1.5gigs to completely max out the game...
    your cpu is fine but you may benefit if you turn multithreading off in bios... some games prefer not to have it turned on for some reason and gta 4 is 1 of em.
    other than that make sure the game is patched to at least 1.4. i think it goes to 1.7 but i have read that it can make the game unstable on newer hardware...
    so give 1.4 a try first and if your getting massive texture pop then you will need to apply the later patches. but apply them 1 at a time as you may not need higher patches 1s your game is working properly, as the patches were released pretty much for hardware compatibility only...
  2. Thanks for the info. I don't want to mess anything up and I'm kinda confused about how to set my page file to 1.5x my RAM. What exactly should i set it too? 1.5x 12gb would be 18gb. So would i put 18000? I'm not that smart at this stuff :P Also from the research i have done many people suggest leaving the page file size up to windows. I don't know what to do :/
    I will turn off multithreading in bios soon and I have tried the 1.4 patch and it worked worse then 1.7 for me, also i couldn't play online without it auto updating so i will try the 2 things you suggested first.

    EDIT: I looked in my bios and there is no multithreading or hyperthreading. Not sure if my bios is up to date or not. it says 1985- 2008 on the bios screen.
  3. Anyone else have suggestions also? Sorry to double post but i think i should be able to use more then 900MB of VRAM in gta4 graphics settings with a 2gb card... most of my other games run fine.. Skyrim at ultra settings with all the known graphical mods running at 60-70 fps on average. Once again i know gta4 is a bad port, but can't be this bad...
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