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Hi this might sound like a lame ? but I have been thinking about networking 2 machines together 1 with XP the other with Windows 98 using a router so I can share cable internet, anyway the ? is when I bought the new XP machine I found that my scanner on the 98 machine wouldnt work with the XP machine (when I tried to install it I got the warning box up from XP) when these 2 machines are networked will I be able to read everything that is scanned into my 98 machine on the XP machine (I still have all the install disc to the scanner)or will I have to install the program (Visioneer PaperPort LE) on the XP machine, that reads the scanned items on the 98 machine without actually installing the scanner drivers.The scanner is a AGFA Snapscan---the program that reads the scans is called Visioneer Paperport LE--and if so will I get the warning box up since im not gonna install the scanner drivers just the program to read the scanned items.Also I bought a new printer (Epson Photo 820) for the XP machine will that have to be installed on the 98 machine to print from it on the network also is there anythig else I should know about the process I'v heard that XP is one of the easiest systems to set up networks on.Thanks for all your help any responses are welcome.
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  1. ok a little confusing there but here is my take on it .. you will not need to install any of the scanner software or drivers on the xp machine, as long as you save your scanned material in a common format to both machines i.e. Jpg.s and BMP's etc for graphics and txt or doc for documents you can drag and drop your OCR docs onto word in paperport, save em as docs and grab em \ send em to a folder on the xp machine afterwards ( I have this very setup, scanner on 98 machine, xp on networked machine but upgraded to paperport pro when I got it as a "gift") I also have an older epson 800 printer on lpt 1 of the win98 machine and then on the xp enabled it as a network\shared printer with no drivers installed on the xp machine, works just fine ... the reverse is just as easy and do-able.. to make the network, just run the network wizard on the xp box and use the diskette it makes to enable the 98 machine in one step{print sharing and file sharing options are manually entered ..) my kids can't see any of my 98 files etc but I have full access to everything on the xp box they use

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