Very Low FPS In Windows 7 and Vista

I used to have Windows XP and my games ran perfectly at very high FPS. After installing Windows 7 on a clean formated partition, im getting very low fps in games. I have 2 partitions on my 500 Gb hardrive. On the C partition i have Windows 7 and on my D partition i have tried multiple operating systems and tested games. I installed Windows 7 on the D partition twice, once 32 bit and 64 bit. Both have the same exact low fps issue. Ive also tried Vista and i get the same problem. Finally, after installing Windows XP my fps is smooth as it used to be. I am at a complete loss i have no idea why im getting such a HUGE fps difference.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad q6600 at 3.25 ghz
Graphics Card: EGVA GTX280 Superclocked
Motherboard: XFX 780i SLI
Power Supply: 750 watt
HD: Segate 500 GB 7200 RPM
RAM: 4 GB Corsair DDR2 800mhz

Here are some of the FPS in my games on Windows 7:
COD WAW - Goes down to 40 fps online and offline
Unreal Tournament 3 - Goes down to 50 fps during gameplay
Left 4 Dead- Goes down to 35 fps in combat
Team Fortress 2 - goes down to 40- 50 fps
Age of Empires 3 - Can get very slow ~50 fps
Crysis Wars- 25 fps
Batman Arkham Asylum- 46 fps average

1) reinstalled drivers countless times to no avail
2) checked temperatures - solid not high at all Cpu load- 50 C - GPU 75 C (heavy load)

I used to run these games maxed settings at very high fps so i KNOW i dont have a hardware problem. Please help me i know there are a lot of very talented and intelligent people on this forum and im at a complete loss. Ive tried everything. Please help me! Thanks in advance
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  1. Are you sure you downloaded the correct video drivers for your OS?....are your partitions large enough for the OS?...keep in mind vista and 7 need a much larger partition than xp.
  2. Yes my partitions are both 250 GB and drivers are the correct ones for the os. Does the way the partitions are formatted have anything to do with it?
  3. Did you install the latest drivers:
    ^Win 7 x64 drivers.
  4. Quote:
    Does the way the partitions are formatted have anything to do with it?

    No. It makes no difference.
  5. yup got the latest drivers. Still problems. Reinstalled drivers many times using driver cleaner pro and safe mode. Still no fix!
  6. ^How much RAM are you using when gaming? Also, any background processes eating up CPU/RAM?
  7. i just did a quick test with COD: WAW and the total ram usage of the system is 1.6 gb. It still leaves a lot of ram. Nothing else seems to be eating up and of the Cpu or RAM
    when im not in game the cpu is at 0% and ram is usually 700 mb
  8. anything? i have no idea what is wrong
  9. I think I had this problem too.

    It might be the XFX motherboard! I had a cheesy XFX8200 mobo and it was terrrible on windows 7. Tried everything to get it to work. It worked great on XP but as soon as I switched to 7, BOOM felt like I had a celeron!

    I contacted XFX on updated drivers since there are issues with Nvidia drivers recently. They said "...we are aware of the problems and are tying our hardest to fix the issue..."

    Bought a Gigabyte Mobo, not one problem yet.

    Hope this helps you at least a little.
  10. thank you for response yes i have a 780 board but i really dont want to buy another one. anyone know of any possible fixes? i even updated the bios but it didnt work
  11. Hi, I have same problem

    Athlon64 3000+ @ 2400 MHz
    K8N neo FSR V2.0 nforce3
    Gainward GF 7600GS GS 256 MB DDR3 (560/1650)
    450W PSU
    Windows 7 pro

    I have very low FPS in CSS, SWAT4, WOW

    in 3Dmark03 first test (wings of fury) i have low fps but in other tests i have normal fps

    This happens only on win 7 pro with newest display drivers (drivers for win 7 or vista with WDDM support)

    Try to use oldest WIN XP drivers (in your case 180.48) There is no WDDM support so AERO will be disabled and you will not be able to use nvidia control panel, but FPS will be OK.

    Try it and reply :)

    Thomas (czech rep)
  12. thanks everyone for their responces so far, i really appreciate it
    i have done a full CLEAN install on another hard drive. THE SAME PROBLEM OCCURED and now i have no idea what to do

    i dont want to go back to xp this shoudl not be happening. this is an advanced problem as i have NO idea what to do anymore. Please please help me anyone that knows how to fix this
  13. are there no other ideas?
  14. we have the same issue on two pc's, we put the true gaming pc back to xp late last night. hoping to find a fix, when the other fixes we will go back to win 7.

    Both the machines have amd 64 processors, one is running an nvidia 7600 card o an ASUS K8N board, the other is running dual 9800gt on an ASUS A8N SLI-Premium board.

    Also have have one more newer machine intel 3ghz on an ASUS P5KC with an 8800gtx, I am going to try this one this week.

    On the two we upgraded, we did clean installs, tried over 10 different driver sets, everything worked fine, except in game play, and I am only talking about one game, Half Life 2 Death Match, the fps was as low as 10 and would barely get above 30, also the latency connection in game would say like 40, but on the actual stats it was 120, very weird. After putting the machine back to XP, fps was at 175 and latency/ping would be back at 35-40. We tried several servers, tried the setting on the lowest, it did not matter.

    Also we tried it on a lan, when the ping should be 0-5, and the ping was Usually pretty easy to trouble shoot things, but this one stumped us!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  15. Best answer
    looks like the constant is Nvidia hardware. I had the same issue and moved to ATI and it fixed everything.

    Seems as if Nvidia is falling behind ATI in sense of speed and now compatability
  16. same problem.

    windows 7 64bit
    2x evga 280gtx
    evga 780 motherboard
    tryed all drivers.
    brand new hd with win 7

    again for me xp on other hd gives me double the fps compared to windows 7 i can get constantly over 100+ fps on xp but now im lucky if i get that.

    glad a few others are having same problems as i tryed everything to sort it.
  17. Hey man if u find a fix let me know i rly need to get my commy workin. buggin me sooooo much!!!! i have the same problem as u.
  18. I Have the same exact problem, I used to be able to run left 4 dead perfectly but after i switched over to windows 7 It went down to like 10 fps. I think windows 7 has a setting that is limiting the CPU.

    Please post any updates i would like to fix this issue!!
  19. its doing the same with my ati card on windows 7 ultimate xp had 50 to 100 fps windows 7 3 to 17 fps :fou:
  20. Well, I guess we solved it from our end. Both pc's has Asus boards with nvidia chip sets, updated them with no luck. So we put them back to XP. My son got a new pc for Christmas, minus video cards, we put in his 9800 gt card, works fine. So it appears to not be the actual video card.

    Good luck!!!!!!
  21. It is also possible that you are now playing the DX 10 versions of the games, which add some more visuals at the expense of FPS. Windows XP will play games like Crysis in DX9, which would turn off some of the visuals.

    Granted, the extra visuals might not be a big improvement, but they could have a very noticable FPS hit.
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