Will Arkham City run on my PC ??

i've got a pretty old pc so i was wondering whethr i can play Arkham cITY OR NOT..

i've got an athlon x2 4000+ 2.1ghz dual core

btw Arkham Asylum ran pretty well
and I also wanna mention the fact that i play at a very low resolution ( 1024x768 )

nd can u tell me at what settings i should be able to play it ??
THAT OFCOURSE if it runs on my pc

thanks :)
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    Minimum specs for the game call for an Athlon X2 4800+. Your card matches the Radeon HD 3850 512MB, so your graphics card would just barely meet the minimum requirements. 2GB of RAM is also quite low for running just about any modern game on Windows 7. The game might run okay at the lowest possible settings, but I wouldn't count on it. If possible see if there is a demo and try it out and see if it runs acceptably.
  2. the game will run but it will be a near slide show giving 15-20 fps max.
  3. are you sure ??
    i thought at that much low resolution it would run quite fine

    And btw I can play Saints Row 3 at medium settings.....if this is of any help
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  5. hey i got it and aftr a bit of tweaking its running quite fine at medium settings .
    thanx btw

  6. thats a suprise. good for you...
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