Games for my pc configuration

my name is sghosh.
witch games can i play on this configuration
p4 processor with HT,
Sony DVD writer
96MB Intel extreme graphics inbuilt,
512MB ram,
120GB harddisk.
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  1. bus driver, sim city 4, plants vs zombies, angry bird... i think this is a netbook, netbook usually can't handle most of good demanding games
  2. Tetris, Roadrash.. hahahaha. But jokes aside, you might be able to play sim city 4, Medal of Honor 1, Call Of Duty 1 w/low settings (barely playable), NFS High Stakes..etc.
  3. Good luck luck on any of those games. With what you have as spec's any GPU required games will suffer the most. The puzzel type games like Tetris, pinball, jewl quest, etc you might be able to.

    Your PC is not geared up to be a gaming PC. Maybe a work station yes but not gaming. The only way to find out what type of games you will be able to play is try them first.

    Barrow them froma friend or go on line and down load the trial sample before you buy that way you will know for sure. I do wish you good luck.
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