Hi there!

i have this laptop

core i5-480m 2.67ghz
ati mobility radeon hd 5470
3 gb ram

i can run la noire pretty decent (20-25fps) in the lowest setting, and also st row the third, in medium setting (20-23fps directx11) (25-35 fps direct x 9).
I always wanted to play gta 4, but i dont have a ps3 or xbox 360, so many people saying that gta 4 is badly optimised, so i cant run it with my configuration. and i check some of youtube video, that even in intel hd 3000, it runs pretty good.. but i'm still confused, should i buy it? or no? and can i run it without lag (23-25 fps)

Thanks in Advance
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  1. your laptop will struggle to get it to load graphics in time. it will not be pleasant to play.
  2. how many fps i will get with these configuration? i dont care if its in lowest setting...
  3. i cannot say exactly, but I have a core i3 with the intel hd graphics and it is just painful watching the game struggle with more than half of the graphics not loaded and it takes about 5 mins just to load up the game. although I have played crysis 2 on the same laptop and that works on lowest settings in 720p @ 25FPS btw crysis 2 has higher system requirements.
  4. which one is better? intel hd or ati 5470?
  5. 5470, but still its not that much more powerful.
  6. apparently i was wrong, it will work
    watch this
  7. i can deal with lag like that.. its strange, La Noire is newer than gta 4, but it runs not that laggy as in the video...
  8. wow thats a slide show... yeah it looks ok when theres not much happening at night but daytime i could see that card crumpling badly...
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