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The worst 1ghz tbird EVER!

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March 7, 2001 5:01:31 PM

I have a solid system. KT7A-Raid, (2) 30gig IBM Deskstars, G2 GTS, new 3com NIC, Corsair cas2 133 SDRAM (256mg) and the WORST 1ghz tbird in existance.

I'm running it at 7.5x133, but if I try and bump it, it won't boot into windows2k. The vcore says 1.75 in the bios, but the PUID program says its at 1.82. WHY WON"T THIS THING GO ANY FASTER? it should hit 1.2 EASY... any suggestions?

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March 7, 2001 5:22:22 PM

You will probably reach 1.2 easier if you don't change the fsb.
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March 7, 2001 5:32:47 PM

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March 7, 2001 5:39:03 PM

A tbird running at 7.5x133 is harder than running at 10x100. You are already straining the system to run at 133 adn trying to push to 1.2 is a little much. What cooling are you using? Generaly running at 133fsb and trying to max the mhz is better than running at 100fsb and getting more mhz.
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March 7, 2001 6:07:29 PM

Why would it be more difficult to run the system at 133 when the Mb, and all the other components can take it?

My cooling is fine... I get 22celcius system, and 41 cpu with my CoolerMaster.. I've got a Cube, but it's to damn loud.

What about the vcore thing?
March 7, 2001 6:53:27 PM

don't listen to that guy, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Of course you should run your fsb at 133, you have the kt133a chipset!

The chip will perform at 133 fine, like mine does, even though it's a 'B', rated at 100 Mhz.

Max out your vcore. Bump it up to 1.85 in the bios and it should go
You should be able to get at least 1.1Ghz

My tb 800@933 (7.0 x 133) is at 1.775 vcore (1.82 in mobo moniter 5.04) so you should be running at least 1.80 in the bios.

I'd just go to 1.85 if I were you, don't woory, the chip can handle it easy, i ran another at 1.85 for 6 months w/o prob.

hope that helps
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March 7, 2001 9:00:17 PM

Not all chips can be overclocked the same
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March 7, 2001 11:04:14 PM

I believe a few things:

1) that running at 133 is possible (and prefereable) on my system.

2) that not all chips are the same. If I had a blue core Athlon, I would never have this problem. But I don't. My chip was built on a Monday, and dosn't enjoy overclocking.

that's it....
March 8, 2001 12:30:56 AM

yes, that is true, not all chips oc the same, but i believe that you should be able to get 1100 Mhz...hopefully :) 

have you tried the 1.85 vcore yet?

nice mobo btw, I have the same one :) 
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March 8, 2001 5:17:24 AM

im sure you have seen by now the paniced posts i had made last week regarding ocxing my 800.

i read your post and had to say that i now have this 800 tbird @ 1013 143 fsb x 7 ,actually its 133 x7 + hst clk 10 .
this seems to be the sweet spot for my chip and i tried every combination i could.

i too have the kt7a-raid , as they have said that all chips are going to react differently dont give up though.

1.85 vcore i would agree to try and notice the pci multiplier i believe it is the second # after the fsb in the bios ex : 133/33 the 33 would be the bus speed for the pci i think , i know its one of or all of the other busses. ( im sure someone here will correct me and give you the tech , correct side of this)

mine would not boot till i noticed the "41" after the 140/41 x 7 i tried first.

then by using the asynchro... thing ie: the plus hst clk in the bios i was able to get the 143 by 133/33 plus hst clk 10.
any way the only other stability issues i had were quickly taken care of by reducing the heat, i have a great case with a buttload of fans. ( super micro atx 300 ps super redundant cooling and set for 12 fans!)

i think with the voltage up , the temp down and working with the 133 fsb you will find the spot.

someone was kind enough to send me a post regarding this and they really spelled out a great way to overclock and keep track of what you are doing.

essentialy he said that you should start with the fsb set at its default in your case 100 fsb ( wich is actually a double pumped 200 mhz fsb) and move the multiplier up till you notice problems, flickering, distortion, wont boot. etc..
then back it down to the next lowest # that it ran stable at, that is your max speed, example if you go 100 x 10.5 and all is good then go 100 x 11 and see what you have got keeping a close eye on the temp. and benchmarking the set up with the same test each time.

say its good at 1100 mhz 100 x 11 , then i would go back and try to underclock it ( after unlocking the multiplier of course) and upping the fsb to 133/33 or 133/31 or 133/41 i think.
so if you can get the 133 x8.5 you would again have the 1100 and hopefully will run stable.

then if you have good memory (quality pc133 or better)
you could try to overclock that via the fsb or you can also use as i mentioned earlier the plus hst clk and add in increments of 1 or whatever till you find a speed that works the best and remains stable.
with the help of the people here i have gone more than 40% over spec and loving it !!
keep trying good luck i hope you get it!
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March 8, 2001 4:28:05 PM

So far, that's the best how-to / advice I've read. Deciphering simple step by step instructions is often difficult without reading 1000's of posts....

I'll try this when I get home....

If anyone else has anymore recomendations, I would love to hear them....