Any way to force v-sync to half the refresh rate?

Hello guys!

I'd like to know if there is a way to limit the framerate of games to half the refresh rate of the monitor. You will ask why do I want to do that... there are some reasons:

1.- If your rig is powerful enough to produce 60 fps with v-sync enabled, everything is ok. But if it's not... you'll have to disable v-sync, or suffer the rollercaster of your fps going up and down with your GPU trying to achieve the desired 60 fps. The problem when you disable v-sync, is that fps are not constant, and for a racing game for example, the feeling without v-sync can be worse with a fps between 35-45 fps than with 35 constant fps.

2.- I know there are programs to limit your fps to a certain number. For example Dxtory. This little program is great not only to limit your fps but also to record videos (even better than Fraps). But the problem with Dxtory, is that you can limit your fps, but there is no option (not to my knowlegde at least) to tell the GPU to exactly limit the fps to the half of the refresh rate. Here there is an example:
If your refresh rate is limited to 60 Hz, and you limit your fps to 30 with v-sync (to avoid tearing), your game with run at those 30 fps, BUT, there will be some frames out of the range, producing very annoying stutering

I think that if there was a way to limit the fps to exactly the half the refresh rate of the monitor, there would be a fantastic way to get a quite smooth game experience.

Any ideas??

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  1. There really isn't any way to make 30 fps look smooth without hitching on a 60 hz display. That's the nature of not having interlaced displays anymore. The framecapper is the best way to achieve your goal, but it will have hitches and small stutters because that's the nature of 30 fps.
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