Glitchy shadows near smoke/fog - Skyrim

Yeah so its kinda weird most notable in riften where its foggy. Its like... I cant actually explain it to be honest. Its happened to me in mw2 along time ago but i cant for the life of me remember what i did to fix it. I recorded it happening (fps in the video isnt great but ill post it on youtube), its not nearly as dramatic in the video but its real bad while im playing. It may be publishing, Sorry if it is but its taking forever.

Edit- OH yeah my gpu is a HD6770 and im using latest catalyst drivers but this just starting happening i had skyrim installed before and it didnt do this, only after i had to reinstall do to a drive failure did it start
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  1. looks fine to me... unless im missing something. the sun is to your right and the shadows are falling to the left...
  2. At what settings are you playing the game at?
    Tried rolling back to a previous driver? Any other game showing the same problem?
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