Xbox dvd drive broken

could someone help me figure out what dvd drive i need to replace it? i am told there are 3 types for the xbox360 (hd something hd something else and hd same as that last one but with an s after it i think)

the console i think is a core (that was the origonal xbox right?) if theres anything on the dvd caseing that might help identify its type tell me and i will try to type it up
(do not ask for information found on the xbox case this xbox does not have a case (apart from a metal inner casing) it has not been modified in anyway (at least i dont think it has i brought it second hand from a friend a few years back and it can still connect to xbox live)
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  1. i forgot to include what the problem is D:
    the xbox is saying that games are dvd's (and if you select play it tells you to put it into an xbox 360 console)
  2. anyone?
  3. You claim it's not modified, but you don't even have the outer shell? Anywho, I believe the MS25 is the best drive. However you cannot simply drop a drive into a 360. The drive must have its key match the system in order to work
  4. apparently modified xboxes cannot connect to xbox live this one can and it is fully updated/games have all the updates etc etc etc and i havent came across anything strange

    i found out that its a hitachi GDR-3120l and i have ordered a replacement and i found out about the key and i know two ways of sorting that (plugging the drives into a computer and swapping the firmware stuff around or swapping the boards - both sound easy *famous last words*)
  5. I haven't really looked into the modding scene since the original Xbox but I remember anytime I read something was easy it always turned out to be a headache. I can't remember the specifics but at one point I was looking to replace a DVD drive in a 360 too and I said screw it cuz it looked like a hastle to swap the keys. If you wanted they do make mod chips that allow you to plug a USB cable from Xbox to pc and change drive keys really easy along with some other cool features. Either way, good luck
  6. i fixed it
    i just swapped the circuit boards (tried the key swapping but apparently i needed some part i didnt have) and it works perfectly now (board from the old dvd drive into the new dvd drive)
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