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Should a chassis fan blow in or out?

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a b K Overclocking
March 8, 2001 3:33:32 AM

I recently bought a A-Top case, which came with a chassis fan. The fan is installed in such a way that it is blowing away from the components; in other words, it is blowing to the outside of the case. Acording to some information I red for this case, it said that the case came with a fan that would blow to the processor(not to be confuse with the CPU fan cooler). Was this fan installed incorrectly? The only fan that I have seen blowing to the outside of the case is the power supply fan. This question may seem to be kind of stupid but I just want to make sure that the components don't over-heat. Thanks for any answers.

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March 8, 2001 5:58:19 AM

The fan in the front of your computer should blow in to your case. The one in the back should blow out of your case, just like the power supply.

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March 8, 2001 5:22:52 PM

I know thats how it usually is, but since most processors are in the back wouldn't it be better to have it in reverse? ie. fan in back draws, fan in front withdraws

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March 8, 2001 7:22:55 PM

But then how is the fan lower front fan going to blow out all the hot hot air that is rising to the top of the case? hot air rises cold air sinks. thats why.

"Work is the curse of the drinking class"
a b K Overclocking
March 8, 2001 8:43:04 PM

Have it blowing in, build a case out of cardboard or what ever from the fan to the hsf. That was you are getting air to the cpu directly from the room temperature. I like my room around 18 so it works even better than way.