Heat Sinks and Super Glue

I have an older video card that has the TNT chip on it. This chip gets real hot. I have installed an additional fan to remove heat but I would also like to attach a heat sink to the chip. Can I just "super glue" the heat sink right on the chip? Will this glue allow the heat to be transferred to the heat sink effectively? I would use standard heat sink paste but their is no wat for me to keep the heat sink in place if I do this. Ideas? HELP!
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  1. Hey check out www.millisec.com they have artic silver thrermal epoxy this is what you want to use for that.

  2. Artic Silver Epoxy is also available at www.plycon.com :)

    I agree that is sounds like the solution you are looking for.

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  3. Thanks Guys! I did not know such stuff existed. I guess I'm a bit new at this... The stuff you suggest will definitely do the job!
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