Highest OC of a 733 P3?

I was just wondering if anybody has tried this. I could get mine to 800 (5.5*145) with the standard retail heatsink and 1.65 volts on an ABIT SE6. Wouldn't go to 825 (5.5 * 150) even at 1.75 volts. Looking at getting a P3 700 or 750 and OCing it to 933 or 1Gig. Its common to take 700 to 933 and 750 to 1 gig, just wondering what they use for cooling. I was just messing around with the 733 and standard cooling to see if it would run. I plan on getting a 3dfxCool AlphaC-MHO h/s & fan when doing the 700 or 750.

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  1. I use the larger version of the Intel cooler on mine. YOu are probably having a problem with either the memory or the heat trying to get faster with the one you have. You should be able to make 150 fairly easily with your CPU. Try changing your memory speed to 100MHz in BIOS and see if it helps (I know you can do that with the CUSL2, should be able to with the SE6). Keep you temp below 55C. Hey, you might be able to get to 170FSB if you work at it!
    BTW, you can get to 933 with the 700 far easier that to 1Ghz with the 750. And the 700 has as good a chance of getting to 1GHz at 143 as the 750 does at 133!

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  2. Hey I have dual 933's on the ABIT VP6 and was wonderin how safe it is to up the voltage of the processors and if it is safe then in what increments should I initially up it to test it out? I am running the processors close to 1100 each right now.

    BTW: Will upping the voltage automatically up the mhz of the processors?
  3. Ive got 2 128 Micron PC133 Cas 2 mem dimms. The chip only gets up to about 38C under load at 800. Usually runs at 33C if i remember right stock clocked. As for the 700 to 933 i have heard that is the easier one to do.

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  4. Most likely you are not cpu limited as most P3s will get above 900 MHz. I had a 733 for a while and ran it at 166 MHz fsb sucessfully for 916 MHz. It would probably go higher, but my PCI was out of spec, and my ram was running at 166 MHz CAS3 (I had some good infineon PC133 CAS2). I had it at 1.80 volts with a golden orb on a CUSL2.

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  5. well my Abit SE6 only goes to a 150 fsb. So may potential is only 825. I can get 5.5*145 to post and load windows. Cant get 5.5*150 to even post. Only have gone up to 1.75 volts though. Can do 800 at 1.65 volts though.

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  6. You might have to switch to Cas 3 in BIOS. This is usually the case with Micron memory-it will usually go to about 145-148 at Cas2, from there it becomes unstable.

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