Strateg guides, walk throughs, secrets or cheats.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend any sites that have strategy guides or walkthroughs. I've seen a larger site that sells them digitally.

Any genre. Any console.

Any sites with older console or PC game guides, walk throughs, secrets or cheats, etc?

I have seen a few wikis that have photos and icons to explain things. But are there any out there with detailed maps and photos like the old game guides use to have?
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  2. Websites like IGN and Gamespot often have detailed walkthroughs.
  3. Best answer among the best sources for walkthroughs

    if you're looking for in depth mechanics explanation or perhaps how to improve your competitive skills, then look for community resource websites and wikis, so basically:, $0, for everything else there's google. :)
  4. If you want specific guides like frame-data for fighting games, then you pretty much have to wait for it to be copied on a website from a Brady Games guide, or buy the guide itself.

    If you just want general walkthroughs for rpgs and such, googling X-Game-Walkthrough or whatever will probably be the best option. Never know what kind of niche fan-sites you might come across that have great guides, as well as the obvious big name sites like IGN.
  5. as casual, Anti, and brett have said google is amazing.
  6. ^3 is a good 'n' always go their if I get stuck on summit :D
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  8. Thanks for the ideas. I've found some of the main sites. The not so common ones are what I needed. Thanks.
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