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everytime i play sims3 and try to save it, it tells me there was an erroer when saving go to the read me file 12 and then it goes of and stops working can you help me sort out this problem i love the game and its really annoying when you have done so much and it doesnt save.
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  1. tell me what information you would like
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    Yet another instance where EA refuses to provide support to people who purchased their games...

    Tomshardware (THG) is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with EA. Yet EA seems to continually redirect people who have issues with EA games or Pogo (owned by EA) games to this forum.

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    Based on a Google search I am assuming you are referring to "Error Code 12" which seems to be a very common error that many Sims 3 players are getting. Perhaps I should use the phrase "the vast majority" instead of "many". It seems this error has become extremely common once World Adventure or any other Sims 3 expansion pack has been installed. How many expansion packs have EA released for the Sims 3? 5? 6? All that time they couldn't (or refused) to fix the issue in any of the expansion packs or game patches?

    Come on EA, what the hell are you doing?

    Unfortunately, it seems the best defense against "Error Code 12" is to save often. Some people recommend you save every 10 minutes. Others say you to make a habit of saving the game when your Sims go to sleep or wake up.

    You should Google the term "Sims 3 Error Code 12" to research this issue further because you are not going to get any help from EA support unless you can get them on the phone.
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